Stories by picture- Community zombie apocalypse!


Since I have the need for inspiration by pictures, I reach out to you, community! I feel a lack of inspiration recently, and I’ve been working on a zombie story for months, coming to a standstill all the time.

So what do I want you guys to do? Simple.
We’re gonna post pictures of places in our area, do bear in mind it doesn’t have to look wasteland-y at all, it could be grass land too, or something… But preferably empty with no people in the pictures… And write a story to go with it. I’ll start with a couple, just to get the ball rolling. In the long run, this could be SUPER fun!

The group woke up to a sunny, yet somewhat cold morning. They walked along the railroad tracks, with the view of a marsh-like lake on their right. Charly smiled a little, drinking in the view- it was a nice, peaceful walk, no zombies in sight for a while now. While that was great and all, it was still concerning, she wondered where they could possibly be.



Nope. We’re not making a story, we’re telling a story, our own stories. Lets stay on topic :B


This is the view straight outside my classroom.


Oh, got you. I thought we were all writing one big story.


Some buildings I go past on my way to work in Minneapolis, include the Schmitt’s Music Store

and this one is across the street,%20Credit%20Bill%20Hickey.jpg