Store Bug, Can't Customize Skins (Pre-ordered Monster PC)


Played all of monday. Could customize my Goliath with a magma/savage skin.
Come Tuesday/Wednesday/today I can’t click customize at all. I can pull up the steam page just fine and have it tell me I got the Season Pass/Pre-order goodies/Monster PC edition. I don’t know if its bugged that the client thinks I don’t own the skins or I just can’t click customize period.

Something I noticed Tuesday is that the store is telling me I purchased everything. Every bundle, every piece of DLC has been purchased but I’ve never bought anything off the store. I can’t click on customize for hunters either.

Anyone have an ETA on when this is getting fixed?
I tried restarting the game 3-4 times. I tried verifying steam cache. Any other solutions? Would reinstalling the entrie game work?


This and the progression issue are known server issues with 2K. They’re working on a fix. Check this link: Do you have XBox Loss of Levels/Progress?

Also if you can supply 2k with more information it might help to resolve this issue.


I contacted them via your link. Thank you for telling me that. At least I know it isn’t just a few of us. Hopefully they keep us informed in the near future.


It is widespread, but not everyone is affected (for better or worse).


Everything is fixed now. Glad they were very quick about it. Store is fine, can customize my monster anyway I want :open_mouth:


Not fixed for me, did you do anything different or did you buy anymore DLC?


Now all of a sudden Mine works now, I tried un-clicking the dlc in the steam settings, and then the game updated (sort-off qued itself for an update then unqued), and then i re-clicked the DLC and the skins started working don’t know if it was a coincidence or a fix since I think i tried that before. but thought I would let everyone know.