Stopping Behemoth in it's tracks


It takes a master trapper… someone who’s trapped the biggest and baddest monsters across the sea of stars… come down to Shear PERSONALLY to help you deliver the boot to Behemoth…

GRIFFIN! :griffin:

Seriously, Griffins harpoon gun is amazing! It still breaks to the heavy-attack-roll, but with it’s current build, the behemoth spends more energy getting into a ball (current build, to prevent heavy-attack spam) which he will have to spend breaking harpoons! He’s dead in the water! :griffin_2:

Anything think there will be a resurgence of Griffins out there now that this ultimate rock-monster is buffed?


Griffin is my fave Trapper.


I love Maggie’s harpoon traps. Set them around the edge of the arena, or down pathways. He can’t move. ^.^

Need to start playing her more though. Took a really long break from her. :stuck_out_tongue:


Harpoon traps are WAY under utilized in my opinion. Just had a Behemoth shut down earlier where one tried to stomp us, over-committed: And those harpoons saved us a whole nother dome battle :smile:


Just tried adding you and shin… But there’s a bunch of non-descript Shins and MidnightRoses that don’t have Evolve.

I’m the Paladin with a green dotty/cell thing for a portrait… If you want to add me.


Shin is Tora on Steam. Add me and he’ll be in my list.

I’ll try and add you. Steam ID?


Paladin. With the green dot. ^.^


There we go. You can find Tora in my list.


Think I found you both. Yours was set to private. Probably why I couldn’t find it.

And somehow this conversation was transposed into the wrong thread.


TY :slight_smile: Lemme know anytime you have space in a game.


Just PM me if you wish to play (in steam of course). ^.^
I like to have fun with friends.


I feel neglected. Wilts.


Why’s that?


lel Aussies sticking together