Recently, I joined a friendly online community that talked about a new game coming out called “Evolve”. Me, being a fan of the game, decide to join the community. This was a very bad idea… more than half of my posts were censored within 30min. I received countless messages informing me of my censorship. I was shocked. I thought this was a loving community, but I was wrong. Things are about to change. Please take a stand with me to stop internet censorship and regain our freedom of speech. My dad told me to stand up for my rights, even if I’m the only one standing. Once again, I ask that you stand with me to stop this censorship before it gets out of hand. Thank you.


Literally what


I’m looking at your last few posts, and I genuinely can’t tell if you’re being serious or not. Either way, please stop.


If you do not follow forum rules and guidelines, your posts will be deleted and topics closed.


I’ve warned you on the other thread.

Stop with your childish behaviour and your posts will not be removed.

I don’t care how old you are, this forum is for serious people, so if you’re not an adult already, act like one if you want to stay here.

Edit: Your dad should probably tell you that “standing for your rights, even thought you’re the only one standing” does not apply when you’re breaking rules. You were breaking rules.

Feel free to assert yourself once you start conforming to the rules-- but not -before-.




When I saw this topic


Naw man, I’m also against censoring. Guy’s got a point but he really needs to work on his people skills before he posts again.


Yea not many people are in favor of censorship but this isn’t about censorship. And this is Turtle Rock’s forum which they have set guidelines.

As you mentioned, the OP did not and has not been following the rules, thus his posts have been removed. Most forums are not free-for-alls, lol.

Though, I’m fairly certain this is a troll by the way he worded the OP of this topic. It feels like bait.



Like to be part of the forum?
(I don’t curse by the way)


You have freedom of speech, you are not being censored at all. Feel free to make your own forums and say whatever you like there.

If you want to use some one elses forums might want to learn some basic forum etiquette to avoid having posts removed.

I am sure this video will help you, especially step 6:



Censorship is the wrong word.

You can’t just barge in on conversations and start calling everybody idiots without being asked to leave.

Posts only get flagged if they are
A) Inappropriate
B) Contain Leaked Information
C) Rude
So avoid doing these things if you don’t want to get flagged.

Other than that, welcome to the community.


I looked over your last posts, and you seem to be very very eccentric. Try toning down a couple shades and seeing if you fit in any better. I’m not sure if you’re trying to be comedic, but there is a bit of an arrogance from your posts.

The community usually only votes down posts that showcase poor behavior, so though I’m not faulting you, you may want to re-look at the style in which you’re posting.



You can say whatever you want. You just can’t do it in every house, bruh.
#Learndefinitionofcensorship #Learntheapplicationandintentionoffreespeech


hashtag #hashtag


I think the point was made. There’s no real point to let this conversation persist. IF you can call it a conversation…

Freedom of speech =/= freedom of consequence. Case closed.