Stop the last hunter pounce finishing


Please add a way to stop the pouncing on the last hunter.

Cause pouncing is great stealth jumpscare way to get a hunter but even I don’t use them to finish the last hunter, I find it irritating and a cheap way to finish it.

Maby like add a penalty or something


I suggest we remove all pillars from the game as well as all of the trees. I find it irritating and a cheap way when the last hunter uses it to run around in order to evade the monster.


How very progressive of you :expressionless:


I find it irritating to have this done to you, and quite frankly, boring to do. It makes it too easy. Maybe like a spidey sense given to the hunters. A heightened sense of awareness for the last hunter would be plausible.

Being the last person alive and having a giant, man eating space alien chasing you can’t be nerve calming.


So in a hunter favored game, you want to add yet another thing that favors hunters. Sounds very progressive - In the wrong direction, but I suppose any movement is better than no movement.


This is a very old topic of discussion of topic on the forum. Hunter or monster favoured doesn’t even come in to it, the issue is that if you’re the last hunter and you get pounced then the monster was already well on their way to winning.

If you don’t want to be pounced as the last hunter, make sure you run away from the fight well before the monster can hone in on you and pounce you. No-one should be complaining about the fact that the monster has rekt the hunters and ended it IMO :slightly_smiling:


Put it like this, as the same way, it would be wrong to remove that pounce from monster if we consider the situation of arena where the support hides for the whole fight and waits for the sudden death while the rest of the team brings the monster to low health. And when sudden death pops in, support can win on his own and the safest way to kill him without dying is to pounce him.


The only time this has ever even slightly annoyed me is in Arena, where it turns the game into more of a 1vs3 because once you got 3 down, you can pounce the final one no problem.

In Hunt however… you were gonna die anyway. Who cares.
Unless the Monster had perhaps a tiny amount of health left, in which case he could’ve just gotten some quick armor before trying to pounce. Again - it makes no difference, you weren’t gonna win anyway.

If you wanna talk about pounce problems, let’s talk about the fact you can use it mid-combat all the time where it’s mostly used as a quick way to close distance instead of the “STEALTH ATTACK” the screen so happily announces it to be.


but what if the monster only had health to survive 6 shots and we had crow but they just murdered him once we dropped medic thought hes was mlg 360 no scopes and assault was the only other good person we managed to get him down to pretty much death but then he pounced


You seem to be continuing to make the mistake that somehow the monster hasn’t done just enough trading of his health in order to win the game by pouncing the last hunter. If you’re that close to finishing the monster off get some range so you can be out of pounce range and take those 6 shots. Don’t go blaming the in game pounce because of poor hunter decision making!


Realistically speaking, pouncing does just that; overpowering a target so that it is rendered immobile.

If your Assault really wanted the kill then he should’ve realized what was going to happen and back off while using his secondary weapon.
Also, consider the fact that if Assault is the only one left and pouncing would be out of the question, the Monster can also easily just throw his full barrage of abilities, thus tumbling the Assault until he’s dead with no real windows of shooting the Monster inbetween.
There’d be no difference between pouncing or just throwing every ability at the Assault in quick succession.


or assault died after crow he took out all damagers


No, it’s a fair strategy for the Monster to secure the win this way. Don’t like it? Make failsafe strategies to avoid it happening.


I think pouncing is fine


I think if you get pounced as the last hunter, the round should restart and the hunters get 200% bonus damage. If the monster does it again, TRS sends a singing telegram to the monster house, but instead of receiving a song, the monster receives a slap to the face.


Candy gram…


I don’t get why people say pouncing the last hunter is bad. You were going to lose, one sole hunter can’t 1v1 a monster, plus no one wants to sit there for an extra 10 minutes watching the hunters respawn over and over because one kept running even though they all have 2 strikes.


Ok I’m going to troll a little bit. Stop the last hunter from fleeing. Increase smell range by 200% when there is only one hunter left because its cheap and annoying that they run.


If anything is cheap, it’s hitting two buttons to eliminate a full-health Hunter with no strikes, let alone an injured one with several.

Except for the hunters.

Ultimately, I do not believe the pounce is detracting from the gameplay. I agree that if your team has been annihilated, then a pounce coup de grace accomplishes two things: a quick end to a game earned by the Monster and a way for certain Monsters to stop trolling by stringing along poorly performing teams just for sadistic pleasure.

On the other hand, the pounce requires little skill and in rare circumstances can leave the match wanting. On balance however, the only people dissatisfied with the Monster’s pounce, or the Hunters fleeing to wait out the drop shop cavalry, are either too impatient or too incompetent to adjust - or dare I say - evolve to realtime gameplay strategies.


If a monster downs your entire team why can’t he just have the win at that point? Why let everyone respawn with less health just to rinse and repeat?

What if the Hunter gets away and the team comes back to win? Doesn’t seem fair either way. As a Hunter main, I’ve been that last man standing. I’ve been pounced at the end and have evaded the monster as well. I say, may the best man win.