Stop testing Kraken only with DI

well if you take a look at the current playerbase neither pub or competitive folks do like the game anymore - so they must be doing both wrong.

nothing about beeing greedy, this game is meant to be competitive, its designed to be competitive and tryn to make a “fun game” out of that will just end the game no matter what.
Evolve never has been fun in Pub games, not in Alpha and not now - People that like the competition and the challenge to work as a team to beat down a monster are here playing on PC plattform and cause they like the general design of this game.

At the end without competitive players theres nothing left in this game, nobody will watch any of these boring pubstomp or queue simulator streams.

well im competive but i actually love this game. so everyone isnt the right word. sure its a competitive game but it can be fun in that nature too. i think some people are just more sour than others about it

Every1 that is here loves the game, but at least most of the competitive scene do not share happy feelings with the patches TRS made since release and thats the issue.

Just to inform you, we test with CDR, DI, Traversal and Movespeed (move speed is not taken that often on my Kraken games). We also play on 80-120ping servers to best simulate what players will be facing out there in the online environment.


I feel they had great ideas this patch. They wanted to remove the complete reliance on reload speed (lets be real you had to take reload on nearly every hunter). They wanted to remove some of the cheese on monsters. They wanted to make the domes less threatening.

The issue is that they messed with a lot of things, and some of these things changed huge variables. Slightly nerfing aftershock and banshee mines for a huge bump in the power of Lightning Strike. The tumble effect had counterplay pre patch, and now it has nearly none outside dodge.

The dome cooldown makes it so the hunters are going back to holding the dome. Since wildlife still hasn’t been heavily changed you can still get full or near full evolve by the first dome. The evolve dome is a huge part of competitive play, as it’s one of the only times you’re guaranteed to do a lot of damage, and you were allowed to do this and a stage 1 dome pre patch. While I feel it was too easy to do pre patch I feel it’s impossible to do now.

Reload speed was being abused, and it made some medics have very little counterplay outside out burst them. The issue is that medics were healing at the level they should have been. They were just doing it in an unhealthy way. Sustained healing (Caira nades, Slim bug, Val beam) feel much better, and are much better to play around because they have counterplay outside keep the medic away. Heal burst is cool, but it was up too often and made the burst game unfair. Now most medics simply don’t have the sustained healing to make up for the lack of burst healing.

All in all I like the idea they put behind the changes, but I feel the way they went about it was sloppy and rushed.

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this is a very very different game since patch and honestly its been mostly improvements. people that dont like certain patches were probably the ones abusing mechanics in the first place to warrant the patches… maybe thats why some people dont like them lol

Get your Kraken in shape with cdr then because definatly is something wrong , we can practise you and show you what is WRONG and what is not ,PLUS what meta you’ve made.

What do you see that’s overpowered about CDR Kraken at the moment?

I cant get into details because everyone that reads the forum gonna go and abuse it and make it a horrible experience for other teams or pubs . in a short way agaisnt Slim Caira it doubles the dmg over healing and in overall fight there is no room to breath against TOP CDR Kraken vs Good team .That was even before this patch it was almost the same case , only good timing play from support medic would MAYBE save it , and with this patch they vanished the element of beeing a good player and time everything . Imagine now that they "buffed’ Kraken how it feels.
So … Mr.Insane521 you are welcome in NjP to try our best to show you and go in details whats wrong and what is not.

You talking about the perma tumble that you can still pull off?

So u were aware that you need 3-4 snowballs and then can instapop any hunter on stage 1 and you still pushed this patch out ye?

You can do that with every monster if they hit everything and if there is no other hunter intervention.

If you guys think CDR Kraken is too strong, that is a valuable piece of feedback!

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CDR Kraken is too strong with the current state of medics . Yes.

Ehrm wich monster has like 5 seconds of tumble makes hunters unable to use jetpack at all? Name me one pls.

Kraken doesn’t have 5 seconds of tumble. The only monster who can perma tumble with no counterplay is Wraith. Goliath has a similar means of ‘insta killing’ if played right.

So does behemoth

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Behemoth probably has some of the best insta kill potential in the game. Tongue grab + Fissure + Rock + Lava + Roll + Heavy=RIP

Ok let me correct my words, wich monster hasnt bad movement mechanics, has like 5 seconds of tumble and can combo 3 abilitys in a row wich CANNOT be dodged and pop hunters. Now i hope its clear.

Ok, noted. We’ll continue observe and make changes. I am not a fan of the tumble locking that Kraken can do right now, so maybe that is an avenue we can pursue. We changed the Strike from 2.1 to 1.75. We could increase that time a little bit and look at adjusting Banshee mines knock back to take that out of the combo “maths”. Vortex is a hard one to adjust the tumble on, it’s supposed to push you around. But we have a global max tumble timer which is set to .5 or .75 seconds, can’t remember exactly. We could adjust that, but it would affect all monsters.

Kraken’s hitboxes are being adjusted next patch, so he’ll on average take more damage from bullet based weapons. More of the Hunters arsenal will be viable against him. That should also pull him back a bit more if he comes out too strong this patch.


This seems to be a leading question pointing to an irrelevant answer.