Stop testing Kraken only with DI

As the title says , stop testing Kraken on a mediocore level of gameplay and oldschool play only, it hurts the competitive scene.
Testing how strong or not hunters are against Kraken that plays oldschool and only with DI hurts the competitive scene AND the pub scene . If its not possible to test at compeltly high level of play with all “viable” perks because there are huge difference in the game play and thankfully or not competitive scene has ‘evolved’ not to play with DI only and proven that other perks are even better and stronger .
We as NjP are happy to help you to understand that your Kraken test is not maxed out of what a Kraken is able to do against comps with other perks.
So nerfing or buffing hunters in particular way especially with the new patch is making the game anti-fun anti-e sports .
OR for the matter of e-sports you should add a rule for ALL Krakens to play only with a particular perk ( DI for the matter )?

Didn’t you quit the game?

Anyway, from what I gathered you are not a fan of the damage increase perk? Is that really the only perk that is used?
I know not all perks are equally powerful, but I’d imagine that some monsters still use CDR(as an example) in high level play?

Edit: Or are you saing damage increase is bad?
These two statements seem to conflict with eatch other and are confusing me:

I did quit the game but i have a contract to play for Majors.
What am saying is , they testing Kraken only with DI or without any perk at all considering other perks bad and balancing around DI or NO perk.
That leaves CDR being dominant when u play it correct.

Ok, so you are saying that Kraken players only us CDR. Fair enough.
I guess not all perks are supposed to be viable in comp. I mean, perks like Damage Decrease as an example is mainly for players that expect they will take a lot of health damage and movement speed,feed speed and stamina regen is suited for those who don’t feel they are good enough at the hunt portion of the game.
Comp players are usually better than regular players and feel they won’t take too much damage, nor are they too afraid to be caught early, so they naturally tend to pick combat perks like CDR.

Basically, comp players don’t need perks that help you escape and simular and instead prefer those who make them stronger in combat.

But if TRS balanced Kraken with him picking damage increase in mind, wouldn’t he be weaker without it rather than stronger with CDR as he is now?

Shorter cooldowns means more damage per minute/dome, just less damage per 1 ability. If it’d hit harder but had longer cooldown there’d be enough time to heal up. And that’s how it was before Hunt 2.0 patch came out. Recent update made it even worse with reload perk nerf.

Nope that means cdr is super strong . due that on competitive scene medics was barely able to heal cdr kraken when played from both sides super good timing everything so a simple timing mistake leaded to death.
That MEANS that cdr is super strong when medics got nerfed and kraken left they were they are EVEN SO they buffed kraken in a way

Yeah, that means that CDR isn’t balanced with Kraken.

But he said he think TRS balance Kraken assuming he always pick damage increase, which would lead to players picking a non-combat related perk (CDR as a combat perk obviously do make up for it and more) to put themselves at a disadvantage.

Yup, Kraken was buffed, with a now unavoidable VortexStrike combo that deals crippling damage, and now that Medics are weaker in general, it’s kind of bad…


oh god cdr kraken aka michael bay

… it was already a nightmare before the patch if the kraken played it smart (one misstake on medic or support and rip)

and now without reload? i need a 10 min break after every kraken match Kappa

kraken was fine before the patch . BUT only if they played smart (and thats not yolo’ing in the stage 2 dome)

we saw monster catching up in the last 2 weeks. it just takes a while in every patch

and now with nerfed medic’s…

but hey we need to reduce the trappers stresslvl

@MacMan @GentlemanSquirl @Insane_521

we dont like the direction ure going with the game… and its not about hunters getting nerfed


Nice to see other Competitive players agrees on that started to think i am losing my mind and i forgot 1st grade math xD

Hey guys, let’s nerf medics and give kraken an instakill combo. That seems like a good idea Kappa


I hated Kraken before it was cool


Didn’t realize Savvy cares about “disadvantaged” Krakens. Thought he’s talking from medic’s view point… that medics can’t keep up with heals if Kraken uses CDR perk. Guess I could be wrong.

Don’t forget crippling the potential survivability of Supports because no fastcloak. I mean most just took Cap but Reload was still a good choice, for example on Sunny. .-.

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yeah it took a while for monsters to adapt the “new” patch and if the monster could grab a win the teams had great fun and every1 was happy.

and now all out of a sudden we get a new patch right as people learned how to perfectly play out that hunt 2.0 patch, we get another one that ruins everything.

i always hear macman telling that changing numbers by a little bit has a big impact in streams and then all out of a sudden 500000 numbers been changed in several spots ruining everything.

people finaly start to like a patch and then we get crap in between… “we dont want hold the dome strats” 2 updates later “bam 70000 seconds dome cooldown”.

this game and the balancing just giving me a heartattack, tbh after majors u can play this game alone and do whatever u want with it - theres no players left then i guess.

the game’s history reminds me on Natural Selection 2, devs do whatever they want, not listening to competitive scene or any1 else and drive a game into its death.

Btw. who in the name of this game actually wants to play goliath in this patch anylonger ? thats the great question here. Theres extremly overpowered tranq gun with a 10 second duration and 3 shots in the clip, then we have sunny boosts all day, hold the dome strats for the super evolve punish and on top of that theres a new support class called jack prevents the goliath completly from finishing off a teammate.

honestly i have to ask, if you even think about what you are doing, before you do it and think about the impact it has to the game?


@Savvy @Sushifox @moiser
Incase someone thought I implied it, I am NOT defending Kraken, far from.
I was just trying to get some clarification on exactly what Savvy meant.

All Monsters need to be balanced for competitive and not pubs or anything else.

Monsters are UP in competition and that’s a major issue.

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Some are , Kraken and Wraith are not , go watch R8 of Majors to see how good they are when monsters actually did their best against good hunters.


That’s nothing…
I aftershock kraken before it was cheese…

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while i think the hunters are still on the strong side kraken has been spammy for way too long, and this patch made him less spammy. really this patch didnt change too many things when compared to some of the other patches. i like the kraken changes, wraith still needs to have her traversal fixed :frowning: , jack im not a fan of but that is something i know i can adapt to (never been a fan of fighting him so blah either way lol), val went from fine to slightly OP, and the laz change while realistically a nerf overall i find the change a welcome one because it seperates the lazarus men from the people who think they can play laz lol. all and all im happy with the direction and people who only look at high level play clearly have never had a business in mind. you are the minority however you and pubs and everyone in between is the job for TRS to look out for so stop being so greedy