Stop Smelling So Much


No, I’m not talking about your rank stench coming off of the corpses of the last mammoth bird you chowed down (those squiddy morsels…), I’m talking about spamming the smell button when hunters are near.

Every monster makes a clearly audible and distinct smelling noise when they smell that is easy to pick up if within 25 meters (in which case, hunters are close enough for you to see keep tabs on them anyway). About half of the sneaking monsters I run into, regardless of level, spam the smell button when hiding that I can just run past the sound cue and throw the dome without fail.

Just a tip from a trapper/medic and fellow monster player, smell constantly when hunting or at a distance from hunters. When you’re hiding in a bush, either they’re going to find you or they’re not, don’t worsen your chances by broadcasting your location to the hunters.

Happy hunting.


They often don’t realize it. Many monsters have given themselves away, just by that noise.


I realize it… I just don’t care. I need to smell my food.


Bugger me didn’t realise that ha!


No no, keep smelling! How else will you know we’re walking right overtop of the pillar next to the bush you’re hiding in?

I can’t count the number of times me or a teammate has been like “heard him smell right under me, going to play stupid and keep going!” Then, as soon as the trapper gets to that pillar, it’s dome time! I dunno if monsters can still hear the voice callouts or not, but it always felt a bit like cheating during alpha/beta because we could pull it off without pinging, which gave us away due to the hunter shouting out “Goliath, right there!”


To be fair, hunters are very muted in color. I use smell up close because its just hard to see them to begin with. :frowning:


problem is they never said something about the increased smell sound in the t4 patch


I play with my sound rather low so as to not disturb the other members of my household, and I do not believe I’ve heard this noise!!! I’ve played quite a bit too. What does it sound like?


It’s far too hard to spot the hunters running around without smelling every now and again. They were dark clothing, their sounds are only audible if you’re standing right next to them and on top of that there are trees and bushes nearly everywhere you look. This is why Slim is such an effective “medic”. It’s like putting a blindfold on someone and then repeatedly stabbing them with a knife.


I want the hunters to know where i am >:)


That’s because that hasn’t been changed in 2.0 as far as I know.

The Goliath makes a distinct ‘Sniff’ that is quite easy to recognize.

The Kraken makes a low growl, kind of the same sound he makes when he eats.

Wraith’s sound a bit similiar to her warp sounds, though I cannot really describe it.

Behemoth’s can’t be heard over the sound as he rolls away. Behemoth’s dont sneak xD

  1. They probably don’t realize it.

  2. Odds are most of the people playing don’t have Turtle beach headphones in or they don’t have the volume up loud enough to hear the sniffy noises.


I did not even know about that o.O i always sniffed alot when hunters were close by and ive never heard a monster sniffing at all as a hunter wow… but i dont wanna turn my volume to blow my ears up.


they have.

the sniff sound is WAY WAY louder then it was before


I <3 headphones


got headphones aswell but i wouldnt rise the volume up at all - when u do use closed headphones theres another problem called yelling into the mic when you cant hear your own voice.

also torvalds shotgun blow your ears with low quality monotonous sounds - its disgusting hearing his shotgun in higher volume than 5 to 10%.


You’d be suprised how much you can learn by listening into the wildlife:

-Startled/dying striders. This can actually be heard from quite far, but can be unpredictable since it could just as well be some Reavers/other predator that killed the strider.

-Tyrant’s roar upon death. This can be heard from across the map. Since the Tyrant has no ‘natural’ predator, you can be sure it was your opponent who just killed that Tyrant.

-An angered Sloth. Sloth’s only get angered by hunters or the monster. If you hear the Sloth making a lot of noise, it means someone was near him recently. Also, the Sloth’s ‘ground pound’ attack sounds exactly like Goliath’s Leap Smash. This has fooled me a couple of times.

There are a lot more, but it’s too late to type them all out here now.


I change my settings in game


ye thats what you can hear even with 5% volume and 50% in windowssettings - im a bit surprised about that hunters can hear the sniffing tbh.

but for me its not worth it, the sound is … mehhh its not fun to listen to and also like u said alot of distraction in it - its not 100% clear what is happening might fools you and cost you the game.


True. But if I have absolutely no lead and I hear some striders dying in the distance, I might as well check it out. Specially if it was the sound of several striders dying simultaneously/close after eachother. Reavers/a Dune Beetle usually don’t kill more than one.