Stop running from your teammates!


This has to be the single biggest hunter mistake I’ve noticed in my evolve fights. A hunter gets focused, and they decide the best course of action after their first tumble is to boost or sprint in the opposite direction. It’s especially annoying if I’m the support or medic. And it doesn’t matter if I’m hank or bucket or sunny. They run from the shields and the turrets.

I understand the big monster is scary and pushy, but you can at least Try to boost towards those 3 helpful others with the cool gear. Please don’t run away from your team! It just makes them waste jet fuel to try and keep up!

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Don’t forget about teammates who go in the opposite direction from you when you’re pinging the monster…


unless you’re coordinating with griffin.

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Agreed, this happens very often. Very annoying


Thats why when I play Jack I explain to them that “If the monster is on your ass, and you have the nerve to run from me, I will drop this dome and go sit at the relay while you and the monster have some alone time :D”


Unless you have a good griffin. Apart from that yeah. All of this.

It’s pretty frustrating have to chase after a panicking Lazarus when you’re playing sunny, you’ve got a perfectly good drone set up, you boost them and they…fly away from the drone.