Stop reviving when laz is there


The game has been out for a while now, this really shouldn’t need to be said anymore but apparently either most players are completely stupid, or paying zero attention to anything.

Laz will get the downed guy, that’s what he’s there for. You putting an unnecessary strike on your teammate in no way, shape or form helps anyone. All you’re doing is hurting the team. You are not helping, at all.

And ya know, if it was level 3 people doing this that would be one thing, but I see folks in the high 30s or 40s doing it every time.


stop playing laz in a pug.


once laz himself revived me the good ol fashioned way

I screamed into the mic to use the glove, but no he finished the revive


Sad part is it wasn’t a pug. Those were all people I got off here.


Trolled haha… That is indeed sad


Tbh sometimes there are situations where a revive could be helpful. For example if you see Laz is going down in some seconds you revive the support which cloaks away, but of course almost all other times you should stay away from corpses (far away!).


As Santhoran said, sometimes it’s better to take a strike rather than taking a loss.
But I do agree, some people still don’t know how lazarus works, a pop-up on their screen to notify them about how their bald medic works would have been great.


One of my friends told me to kill myself (low health)… I jumped into wildlife… Then, they revived me normally as Lazarus.
@MidnightRoses can collaborate this story…


You were asking for it you syrup-drizzling capitalist lackey.




No, not “possibly”, Shin. You were annoying me.


I was? O.o
Apologies then.


The fact that I am in a mutual relationship with you is baffling…

You picked TORVALD against a KRAKEN.


I don’t know what monster they will pick. O.o
And Torvald is effective vs 3/4 monsters. Parnell is best with Cabot on the team.


I told you he would be going Kraken. I picked accordingly.

And then you just abandoned me and he nearly got the drop on me! What kind of team mate are you?!


We won though… Right?


You two… I like you.



@HaughtyBiscuit Why?

Also, @Shin You used the word “collaborate” incorrectly:

That was terrible. I’m only correcting you because I love you. Don’t sulk.


I used it, as to say you weren’t the one who did it to me.

I didn’t accuse you of being the Laz, I simply said it was a friend. Then I stated you could collaborate with me, to tell the story. ^.^

In other words, I was intentionally being vague; so that you could give more details. :smile:


Then you should have said-

@MidnightRoses can collaborate with me on this story, or something along those lines. “Can collaborate this story” is just bad. :slight_smile:

…I…I am impressed, Shin. I did not think you were capable of that level of guile…I suppose I walked right into that one. How did I not see that? >.>