Stop requiring all players to click on 'Ready' at the end of a match

In order to retain a win-streak it’s necessary to wait until the other players have either left or clicked on ‘Ready’ at the end of the match. This doesn’t seem to serve any purpose and just holds players up from the next game.

True,wait 10minutes for match,then wait another 40 for match with actual people that did not leave,
play 10minute match [1hour mark] now wait after match another year until people click ready.

This waiting simulator sure is 10/10

I would reduce all forced wait like -perk pick time character pick time , connecting wait time,after game wait time…

I have all perks and characters,it takes me like 1second to pick after i see other team mates[because if i see torvald i instant leave and if someone pick emet i pick hank etc]

Dude… I think… you’re part of the problem then :wink:

On topic:

The latest update should help you:

If you want to stay with your party you have to wait for others to click ready. If not, just leave.


what? i always leave instead of waiting when the matches end.

and ive never lost a win streak.

Yeah, well, they’ve changed it now.

not anymore. this got fixed.
I made a suggestion thread just now, because right now the lobby is really underwhelming: