Stop putting me in the Hunter team


Implement a queue system or remove the 60 second penalty whatever. Don´t put me as Hunter when i don´t want to play Hunter. It is just a waste of time for everyone included.
People get annoyed when someone leaves, they have to play with a bot. People will get annoyed if you die on purpose. I get annoyed when i need 30 minutes to look for a proper game i can play as a Monster.

Fix this madness allready!




is this analogy intended? The persian beeing Evolve? :o


I’d say you’re the persian getting booted into the hunter pool ;p
Ranked can’t show up soon enough, I too am tired of getting slammed into being a damn trapper :<
I wanna be the monster, not catch it, but hopefully Ranked is coming soon so everyone can finally be what they want ^.^


Keep preaching
Fed up of being Maggie


an update would be highly appreciated. This is getting so tedious…


I don’t want monster, but I still get it. :smile:


bump for obvious reasons


I hate this as well, I have monster set to 1 and I get hunter like 90% of the time, it makes no sense, it would be nice to hear a Dev comment on this. are they working on fixing their preference system at all? I don’t like being forced to play a certain way


Well, its either that or half the games won’t start, besides, if you have the patience, unless someone else has monster on 1st slot, you will get monster next round.


Unfortunately I have gotten to the point where I just leave if I am a monster. If I want to play monster I choose Solo, I fail to see why of 5 choices the game tries to make me the monster more than 50% of the time despite it being at the bottom of my preference list. I’m sick of it. The only time that I’ll play the monster in multiplayer now is if I have been a hunter at least two or three times and it’s my turn to take a beating. I’m so tired of the game being so skewed towards my worst class.


Not enough hunters to let you play monster… me neither.