Stop OP/Nerf threads


Allow TRS to judge and decide what needs buffs/nerfs as of late there are way to many posts on the forums just leading to community disagreements.


Stop talking about things on forums!

Stop it!


Not saying stop posting but every half hour is a nerf this post then the same post again from someone else


So you’re saying we need to nerf the post rate of nerf threads?


No <I do wut I want


Well most nerfs/OP threads i read go like this"nerf krakens to stronk", like thats not feedback thats just stupid if people are posting feedback it needs to be actual feedback,detailed with reason, proof and actual things that could be implemented to fix it, there are some posts like that but not many


I wish they nerfed me when I was born cause I’m too damn sexy


This threads gotta be flamebait. It’s purely illogical by a balance standpoint.


Sadly, threads like this never end well no matter how good will your intentions maybe.

This is exactly what this kind of post would bring, intended or not.


You’ve got to accept the fact, that threads like that are going to show up. It comes from giving everyone the right to open threads they wish to open in the community forum.


Best thing TRS can do is make a subject, like they did with Medic, Assault Ect. but make it “Op/UP discussion” and allow people to not see posts from a certain subject.


You’ve also got to accept that when Mortal gets drunk, he’s just going to be random in your thread regardless of topic.

I can’t stop this feeling…

deep inside of me…
girl you just dont realize… what you do to me…e-e-e-eeeee


This ^^

It’s good that everyone wants people to stop complaining, but like Ouroboros you are only completing the circle with this kinds of topics :smile: