Stop making the stop making the posts posts where the posts are stopped from being made because the mods are modding the stop making the


…posts posts by pre-emptively striking at the heart of the stop making the stop making the posts posts, it’s all getting a little silly after all!

(p.s. im just trying to make the mods chuckle)




@niaccurshi did you read the post or was that instinct from reading idiotic posts all day?


Come on guys, lets make this into a secret mod appreciation/talk about random things that are happening late at night thread.

For example:
I just watched a freeze pop solidify before my very eyes. It was trippy.


You do this often…



Another random fact: I just watched 5 minutes of the teenage mutant ninja turtles movie.

I want my 10 minutes back.


What the what?


Nobody knows. I can’t figure out which stop the stop etc. post I’m supposed to stop.


What? I’m just saying sometimes it’s best if things stop before the stopping stops the stopper.


So how do we stop them from stopping us stop them?


By doing it anyways.

I’ll get the drinks, you get the goat, and @LaggerCZE!

…You know what to do.





You’re on the right track, but he needs to be playing NSP’s Rhinoceratops vs. Superpuma for the plan to work!


You don’t. You accept our supreme power and bow.

Or just threaten to nerf the Monsters, that’d work.


Midnight, I’m glad you’re here. I assume you brought the bucket of fish?


A…A bucke- okay what the actual hell?


You have no idea.