Stop making me take over a monster that's almost dead!


This is so annoying combined with the out of body experience ghost monster bug. Just got 2 losses recorded I think that I shouldn’t have technically. First one I take over an almost dead monster and don’t leave in time, second one I take over a Nest monster right after the map started and was playing the cinema then I get the ghosting monster bug. Game is so frustrating sometimes, they really need to do something about this stuff. I get the ghosting monster bug at least once a day now I think.


It’s happened to me for what seems like forever. ^.-
Gotta deal with it sadly.


If you take over a bot and lose it doesnt count as a loss, but if you win it counts as a win.
Almost like TRS knows that feel…


Be glad you get to play as monster at all… currently on my 4th game in a row of trying to be monster. Obviously it’s my number one choice.


Put him as your last choice, it always work.