Stop making me play the monster TRS!


I don’t hate playing monster so much but it is my least preferred role and atm I’d much rather be leveling some hunters.

However, it doesn’t matter what my preferred selections are because I’m queuing solo and that means I get to play monster every single game ever.

I understand how you can’t have pre-made players occupy spots as the hunters and monster but why isn’t there a button that says let me wait 40mins in queue but don’t match me as the monster!

What puts it over the line for me is that you don’t know what role you will get or whether you’re facing a 4-man pre-made or not until it’s too late to leave without occurring a penalty.

And often it will dump you into a game that has already started, as the monster, so you can either awkwardly watch the AI monster play, take over the bot and have a bad time playing a monster you didn’t even pick or leave and suffer a wait time.

Is this annoying other people? Is this really the best possible setup for matchmaking in this game? I get that the game has the two-sided aspect and you’re supposed to participate on both sides but come on, not every solo player likes the monster.


yea it annoys me too, but mine is the opposite I want to play as monster but I keep getting hunters


It’s strange the matchmaking they have in place. I feel like when me and my team play we have a hard time finding a player monster and yet I see people always saying “Monster 24/7!” and “Al I play is the monster” and posts like yours here. I don’t understand why they can’t give the option to search with or without the monster or only as the monster. It gives the players slightly more of an option to play how they’d like in the grand scheme of things. Hopefully they see most of the feedback and understand that there needs to be a little more option in their matchmaking mechanics.


Heh, I have the opposite problem. Trying to play monster this morning and repeatedly got thrown into matches in progress, then on the next round it would throw me in as my last choice.

I think if it’s gonna throw you into a game where you have to take over a bot with 2 strikes, it should give you priority for the next round. It’s getting really frustrating to pop in, the monster just goes stage 2, and you’re expected to take over a 2 strike hank that’s halfway across the map from your team with no jetpack fuel