Stop making me play monster if I dont want to


Just tell me no games available or put me in a waiting list for open hunter spots. Forcing me to play monster if I dont feel like it, makes no sense.


I’ve said the same, so far there is no word of any changes.


ranked seems to change it. ranked comes soon^tm…


Then you’ll just have tons of lobbies with four hunters and no monster. Suck it up.


Currently we have games of bot monsters, with people entering the game, under the control of the monster, where they are domed, and with 1-3 bars of health. In the end, giving players a loss, for a game they didn’t even play. Do you think this system is balanced as is?


thats so untrue. i want to be monster and get hunter half of the time. suck it up.


We play games to enjoy ourselves. “suck it up” does not have context here. If my suggestion would cause no one to play monster then thats a developer problem, not a gamer problem.

I actually really do like playing monster, but when im not in the mood and youre forced, it hurts the overall experience. Funnily enough, when I switched my preference to monster, it kept putting me in as a hunter.


Happens to me very often as well. :sob:

Can’t wait for ranked play.


Yeah I have the reverse trouble. Whenever I queue for monster (and I don’t want to play hunter without my team) I end up as a hunter!


I hate playing monster with a passion, so I stopped playing it entirely. If I get picked as a monster, two things will happen:

  1. I pick speed perk and run to a tyrant as soon as I get the chance to. I let it kill me to end the match.
  2. If they don’t have maggie or cabot, I run and hide for the entire match without moving. This is more or less for lols.

But yeah. I hate playing monster. I’m not bad either as monster, I just don’t like it since most hunter teams at 25+ seem to know what to do. Sometimes, if I feel a team isn’t too hot, I’ll go ahead and actually play monster. But it feels like the game is either all in favor of the hunters or all in favor of the monster on a match-per-match basis, which is kind of lame. So I end up going back to 1 or 2 above.


It feels like the system is trolling us. Half of us say we never want to be the Monster, stop giving it to us, and the other half say we never want to be a hunter, stop giving it to us. TRS! Here’s an idea: Maybe have the people who never wan to be Hunters swap with those who never want to be Monsters, so they all get what they want? Just an idea.


Currently this is a much bigger problem for me than the class balance they seem to be focusing on.
I prefer playing a gimped class vs an OP class instead of staring at timers and loading screens.


yes in my opionion this is the biggest problem with the game - matchmaking is so terrible.
the dev should ask people why they don’t wanna play monster… and change some things.

fe. i just played hunter and reached a high level now, its not that hard to get a higher level, took a couple of days. now i want to play monster but its no fun at all starting to play monster in higher levels. its just exhausting dealing with all the tracking stuff, so i don’t play monster and quit games or let me kill, the problem also is… even when i quit games where i should play monster BEFORE the match starts… it throws me back again into the same game over and over, that is so annoying. it would make sense when i already played the game and it throwns me back again but not when i left it before it started.

they could easily change this issue by making two different levels… one hunter level and one monster.


the question is whether the system might sometimes actually be confusing the preferences and reversing them


these guys have basically said “fuck you, we like it this way, and we are lazy and dont wanna change it”
welcome to the new age of game development. We (yes WE the consumers) let this happen by gradually saying “its ok” and “its not so bad” and “its not their fault” etc etc over the years. As time passes and we let these shady companies get away with worse and worse gameplay mechanics, bugs, greedy DLC plois, shady customer support, etc, it sends a message to other companies “hey, these guys half assed the shit out of their game and made millions! we can probably do the same thing!”

even now as I’m typing all this i fully expect a white knight retard to come in here and defend TRS and 2K with much gusto. thus perpetuating the idea that “this is ok”.

take a look at all the bad reviews, all the negative threads on these and other forums, all the customer support tickets people are filling, all the negativity towards this games launch. Yet we all bought the game. Alot of us bought the full 100$ DLC cash grab crap. TRS and 2K got their money from us already. They dont care what happens next. They are probably already working on EVOLVE 2. Or w/e their next game is to scam us out of our money. And since Humans are sheep, we will buy it, and then realize we got scamed, and come here to complain about it. All the while, they will be working on EVOLVE 3. Thus the cycle repeats itself.


No it was just a system they thought worked well and doesn’t really. No need for such a tirade, cool your jets buddy.


Stop trying to make me play Hunter. For christ sake, this is the worst flaw in this game!


Yeah. Woe to the team that gets me as a hunter.


As opposed to now, when ppl join the game, get Monster as 5th pref, leave, and the matchmaking needs to find another player? It would just cut the whole middle part out.

I hope ranked play does something about this. I’ve never liked how the entire matchmaking, progression & preference system treats Monster basically the same as a Hunter class, except in premades. I’m definitely NOT a level 40 Monster if I’ve never played against people, and it’s even difficult to play against people on your friends list.