Stop kicking me from lobbies :(


Today I am getting randomly kicked from lobbies after a few games. It’s pretty irritating, especially since I’ve landed in some very nice lobbies (people that have mics and work well together).

I’m not sure why it’s destroying lobbies (or just kicking me), but I’d rather leave on my own free will.


Did everyone leave?


It’s not them buddy… It’s you.


People saying this before they leave?
“It’s not me, it’s you… I’m sorry, we just can’t see each other anymore.” ^.^


No, and often I’m able to quickly join back into the same lobby (+/- one person). It’s almost as if because they left, I had to [similar to if I were partied].


You don’t know how badly I wish there was a vote to kick system like in L4D. So many times an obviously clueless hunter has stopped a perfectly capable team from winning. (I know it’s kind of off topic)


W-what? :cry:


That’s what you said to me. :confounded:


Actually I told you I had to leave because I have a job but you were tabbed out and didn’t see it.


You keep abandoning me. -.-


Cry every time