Stop insta spawning Reavers and mammoth birds in domes


Why did you guys change the numbers on reavers and mammoth bird spawns in dome its frustrating as you wont know when they will spawn behind your back and most of the time they do when your low on jetpack in dome in the heat of battle and middle of dodging attacks from monster…

I make it a priority to kill mammoth birds and reavers in dome before we engage still they spawn behind your back.

I’m ok with them being present in any number as long as they don’t appear instantly from out of nowhere that’s BS


Is this specifically for Arena mode, or domes in general?

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domes in general I don’t mind them spawning when we don’t have LOS but just behind my back seems very frustrating while lets say your dodging monster u drop down a cliff u see no wildlife u turnaround to shoot at monster boom reavers slaps you from behind :(…


Edited the title to make it’s slightly more clear.