Stop! I am not in any trouble!

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Guys there is no need to apologise, what I said in my most recent video about DB and Chloe was a JOKE and thought it was humorous! let me just explained that I had been respectfully asked not to say anything which is why I said that in the first place. I just wanted to make it clear that I am not being given ANY information directly from anyone who works for TRS/2K but have good insight on people in the community who know things.

Looking at it now I really should have kept my mouth shut and also made it far more clear to you guys that what I say in my videos are just theory’s or speculations. It just happened that on one occasion I knew way too much without knowing it.

So do not worry I am not going to get drop kicked by DB and assassinated by Chloe its all good and I look forward to the rest of this tier coming out!

Here is a sum up for anyone who really has no clue what I am on about:

Basically long story short I said to you lot about a “theory” of the new Trapper being a kid. This then sent a huge wave of fans who saw that as a “reveal” and not a theory to these forums claiming that the new trapper was a kid etc… Then TRS saw these posts and because what I said happened to be true (which I didn’t know at the time) made TRS think that I was being fed direct information from one of there staff members.

This then lead to a member of staff just politely asking me to leave the reveals to TRS and that whoever is feeding me info is violating the NDA.

Then in my video I made it clear I am not being given direct info from anyone but this was some info I heard off some other people in the community who clearly do have connections with people from TRS/2K but that is besides the point.

What made this guy think I was in “trouble” was me saying that DB was going to drop kick me and Chloe was going to assassinate me which I said very sarcastically and thought it would pretty obviously be taken as a joke. Unfortunately this guy thought I was actually speaking every word of the truth and thought DB was going to kill me if I said anything!

No I was never in major trouble but was just suspected of being fed information I shouldn’t have.


Yeeahh, you should be a bit more careful about what you are saying.
You have a lot of influence and really shouldn’t try to be funny at the expense of others.
Also, the topic you linked was unlisted for a reason. Just saying.


I was pretty sure that it was obvious humour so I wasn’t expecting someone to believe something so silly!

People believe in “silly” things everyday.
We have modern nations run by people boh saying and believing “silly” things.
As long as you have charisma or any other ability that make people follow you, you can make people believe the most idiotic of things.

I really suggest taking great care into what you are saying, no matter how little you think it might be.


Aw but I had my popcorn ready and everything /sarcasm :smiling_imp: already saw the video

Yeah… These are humans…
If you say you found a unicorn under your bed this morning, expect some people to believe it.


Ikr! I really would’ve never in my life believed that someone would actually take that seriously.

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I decided to take the video down in case people do get the same idea so sorry to anyone who wanted to see it.

The you’ll find out someone recorded your video, and will begin to share it with the world! ^.^

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What video are we talking about? The T5 Trapper batman kid thing?

I took the video down because of this very reason so unfortunately you will not be able to view it.

So the one about the T5 Trapper being a kid?

If you are talking about the one called “Ranked Mode” then no.

What did you say that could’ve potentially gotten you into trouble?

He joked about Chloe and DB being mad at him, and wanted to make it known that he wasn’t being directly fed info.

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Oh, ok. Why would they be mad though?

People took his trapper speculation too seriously.

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Maybe he should just make it clear that it is completely speculation and rumors. :smile:
I didn’t believe it anyway.

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He said so in the beginning of the video.
People don’t like to listen, either.

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True, that.

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