Stop Giving Me My Last Choice


The matchmaking has placed me as my last picked (5th place) choice back to back twice now (yes it was monster). There were 4 other people in my game who I assume had monster as their 5th choice but I should not be forced into my 5th choice in back to back rounds. Once every 5 rounds should be the maximum. Thanks…

About the Monster

That means you are in lobbies with parties. If you go in solo you will be the monster always if there’s no one else in the lobby whos alone.


That sounds like a design flaw to me.


It’s more of a “Cheating” aspect that TRS is trying to avoid. Players have been pushing to try and remove it, but they won’t move.


The problem is @mywaywardson is not entirely wrong.

Solo players are incredibly valuable in this game. They are needed for not only parties of 4, but parties of 3 as well. One person to be monster and one person to be the last hunter.

And considering the huge emphasis on playing with/against friends, most people are going to be in a party. And if you decide to solo, you better be a monster player. That works for me personally but I can see it being HUGELY frustrating to be given your least favorite role, especially when there are likely monster players in those parties who would love to play against their friends.

Just because they are not in a custom (which is bots and invite only) doesn’t mean they don’t want to play against friends, just that they want a full game with no bots.

This issue is only going to get worse as the game ages and population falls. We can’t even take a 2 person party and put them with a 3 person party because of the “no monster in a party rule”. I REALLY think this rule needs to go. I don’t think the trolling will be THAT bad, yes there will inevitably be some but I doubt it will ever get unmanageable. Just make it so that if your friend is a monster, neither you nor they get any leaderboard stuff for that round and you reduce the boosting potential right there.

People can already troll, I really don’t think friends being on opposite teams will make it THAT bad.


One of the reasons I like evolve is that the two sides are different. Some days I want to be the monster, some days I don’t. I can deal with being put as the monster every once in a while if its my fifth slot but if this keeps happening I will simply inta-quit whenever I get monster when its my 5th and I think a lot of people will adopt that behavior as well. It’s going to bite the entire community in the ass eventually.


Yup and like I said, as a solo player that’s all you’ll be put into, parties need a monster player and only solo players can fill that slot.

I LOVE monster, I want to play it 75% of the time. But I also want to play with my friends so if I do that, now I have to be hunter over and over (if I can’t get 4 other people on at the same time). Instead the matchmaking puts someone like you, who wants to play hunter, into the monster role while I’m in the same game thinking “I would love to be monster”.


It’s a complicated issue. Cheating is impossible to avoid since even if the chat is automatically muted for the monster in-game, PSN/XBL/teamspeak or whatever is right there, and disallowing this is important if TRS intends ( which they clearly do ) to make the game’s regular ladder play competitive. I can understand that sometimes I just want to play in the same game as my friend, not necessarily on the same team, and I definitely wouldn’t cheat, but you can’t really trust the community at large to do that, can you?

The most natural solution is having a “ranked” ladder where that stuff is disallowed, and an “unranked” ladder, but with the game’s audience seemingly in as much peril as it is, splitting the playerbase in any way is probably not at all something they want to do.

The best solution I can think of to the problem is honestly to make it easier for people to form a custom group of 5. As it stands unless you happen to already have 4 other friends, there’s no way to do this unless you look outside of the game, to these forums, to reddit or whatever to post to some kind of LFG. With a game as team-oriented as Evolve, a clan/guild system of some kind to allow communication within the game would be hugely beneficial, as well as maybe some kind of a custom server list like you’d find in classic PC games, where people can host a custom game and open it up for others to see on a list of custom games to join.


I agree with your post and while there will definitely be trolls, I just doubt it would be that big of an issue if we had some proper precautions, like I said no achievements/leaderboard stuff for one.

But it’s not just the “I want to be monster against friends” I think the matchmaking will become barren by forcing most solo players to go monster, regardless of what they want.


Yeah, that’s what I mean by a ranked/unranked ladder, where if you queue for an unranked ladder you could do whatever and it simply wouldn’t count your stats into the leaderboards. The problem then is that you split the playerbase, and that’s not ideal. How long does it take you to find an Evac game compared to a Hunt game, for example? In my personal experience my Evac games have always started with an AI monster and one that hotjoins in around the 2nd or 3rd game, but when I’m looking for Hunt matches I get a full game really quickly – because more people are queueing for hunt than any other game mode. What happens if you split those pools even further into ranked/unranked for both?

It shouldn’t have that much of an effect if the community is active and strong, but like many people here I’m not confident that the community will stay that way for very long.


What I want is that, instead of just listing an order of preferance from 1 to 5, you could take out the classes that you really don’t want to play… If you only wanted to play 1 specific role, then you could do that, but the trade off would probably be long wait times. At least, this is the solution that I would choose.


The solution: Play with friends or make friends ingame and play with them. As soon as you have people to play you can avoid that public matchmaking alltogether, it’s your choice really.

Like mentioned solo players are a valueable ressource for the matchmaking.


how in the fuzzy fuck could you cheat why would you tell your friends were you are. And dont say to boost cus you can already do that


also if you having a ranked ladder you probably want to become the best in one thing and not have to have luck to get that one role you want


Could they just add a sub option in the different styles of gameplay for solo players? A ‘No Team’ server.

There are clearly enough players in teams now who never want to play Monster.
Me, I love playing monster. But isn’t one of the key components here random class allocation?

Being forced to play something against your will in a game that people were promised and advertised to, what Was in the beginning and Is not now (because of teams) is a really unfortunate and sad thing.
This is a really nice break from most games that are out there. But it needs to be focused on Solo players as well.

If it’s possible to add options in an update (for free obviously) then it should be done soon.

It would be greatly appreciated by thousands of players.

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