Stop giving me a rage timer for leaving a game joined in progress


I’m tired of joining games as a monster knowing that #1 it’s 3/4 probability that it’s not the monster I chose and #2 I don’t want to deal with the bug where I lose skills upon evolving.

So stupid to have a rage timer when leaving a game joined in progress. Do I take losses for these leaves as well?


Let’s not forget the monster with half a health bar when you come in…

And you probably do get the loss. Best thing you can do is vote a reset and hope for the best.


From what I understand, you’ll also get a loss for quitting a game in progress, since yesterday’s patch. :confused:


I always go for a rematch vote if I happen to get thrown into a Goliath game, since he is by far my worst Monster. If the Hunters want to be douchebags and the vote doesn’t go through I try my best and just utterly crush them next game in <3 minutes.
Good Hunters will pretty much always vote with you for a rematch on this, bad ones don’t. Makes it that much more satisfying having them ragequit 2 minutes into the next game against an evo1 Wraith.


that’s kinda dumb as I often feel like I have to leave as I have been thrown in with ppl with a much higher level of ability than myself which understandably frustrates them. I feel like the matchup system should try and match you with ppl around the same position on the leadership board as those ppl should be of the same ability.


Go for a rematch vote, but aside from this, if you’re the monster, it’s actually a lot faster to suicide on the hunters, and it also counts as your “joining lobby game”, meaning that your priority should be taken into account on the following game.

While I do not like joining games in progress, think the design is flawed and makes for a poor player experience, at least I know how to work around it so that it does not bother me too much.

And also, don’t give up if you’re a low life monster until you’ve seen the hunter’s health. I once joined as a pretty damaged Goliath and was already grumbling about it, when I noticed that most hunters had two strikes already.