Stop firing while incapped and cloaked!


Am I missing something or do a lot of people not realize that you decloak if a support is around you and you fire your weapon?

I’ve had countless games end horribly due to an incapped teammate spazzing out and firing wildly while I try to revive him/her while cloaked only for the monster to turn around and get a 2 for 1 deal.

Sure, there are times the monster camps the cloaked area, spamming it, but they are far fewer than the times the team mate willingly reveals themselves only to do a few hit points worth of damage with their pea shooter and die 5 seconds later with me in tow.


Some people do it because it is “less suspicious” to the Monster. Not just a downed person suddenly vanishing.


As was said above.

But IMO , it is not very useful tactics, cause when monster doesent see Support, it means he is cloaked . When he is cloaked monster will automaticaly attack downed Hunter just to make sure.

Better thing is to stay cloaked and hoping that Monster doesen’t remembers your exact location


It’s certainly circumstantial. And at higher level play I tend to not bother unless the monster is clearly pre-occupied with someone else. Just playing with random people, when either the monster or hunters aren’t exactly higher levels, I’m finding situations like below happening a lot:

  1. monster incaps hunter
  2. breaks LOS with hunter and attacks elsewhere
  3. i cloak in to revive
  4. mid revive monster enters LOS
  5. hunter panics and starts firing before I’m done reviving or immediately after revive
  6. blood. So much blood.

Which seems to imply they might not understand they are endangering us both in that vulnerable position.


However, that depends on how well the monster is keeping track of the hunters. Often times when I see a support cloak, I wait for downed hunters to disappear and then smash face. It’s kinda counterintuitive, but again, it depends on the monster. And like you said, this is nullified when a monster just automatically attacks all the downed hunters.

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In a situation like that, I would continue firing throughout the situation. The monster can still see through walls, and if the monster isn’t clued into what you are attempting, you get a successful revive. However, this is assuming the monster is only breaking line of sight.

It’s a trick I will pull as monster. Wait for the Hunter to leave my vision. Then I go wreck both the support and the downed target.


It’s actually better to fire…If I incap the Medic, and he suddenly fades into invisibility, it’s preeeeeeeeeeeeeetty obvious that he’s being revived by a cloaked support and I’ll just waltz over and smack them both down. If he keeps firing to break cloak, I’ll probably still notice, but not quite as easily, and he’ll still be contributing damage. So yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s frustrating playing support and going to cloak someone who’s in trouble and they keep shooting so my cloak is useless. Like trapper for example.


When I play monster if I’m in LoS of the hunter and I stop hearing the pistol I turn around and go to where the person was downed.

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I don’t think it’s better to fire at all.

A good team will keep the Monster distracted long enough.

Only if the Medic is down, would I recommend them firing. Or if the Assault is using the shield. Stuff that shows up and is obvious.

But all of this coordination requires…mics…


Basically what was said above, it’s kinda obvious you’re getting revived when you suddenly dissapear. I normally keep shooting when the monster is close and the support is already going for a cloak revive.

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A good team will distract the Monster so that they lose track of where an incapped body is.

The problem is when a downed person is shooting frantically. Despite the Monster being distracted by someone else.


It depends on monster and situation. If monster’s last strike will send hunter pretty far(from a cliff and e. t.c) it would be better to stay near hunter and cloak right before last strike. So monster would spend some time trying to find you. In other cases it’s better to shoot.


I would never underestimate my opponent by hoping that they don’t keep track of my team. I don’t think it’s ever a good tactic to rely on your opponent being dumb. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, this criticism does not apply if you were wildly thrown from them when incapacitated, perhaps over or past obstacles, and you’ve broken LoS. If they haven’t seen where you landed, then I would keep quiet. Once I fell between a rock and a hard place, a tiny nook between rocks, and the monster flew past me to attack the ground when they noticed the support vanished.


Many times this isn’t so much a problem for the person downed, as it is for the person reviving them…please don’t flash in and out of stealth, if you want to draw the monster’s attention to the fact that the support is nearby you…you could wave a flag or something and say “I really don’t want to live.” At least that way the support could know before hand.


downed hunter (medic) -> remember his location- >change target -> support cloaked -> go back to the downed hunter -> AOE/ -> 2 hunters downed (with support).

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