Stop dodging the queue just because you didn't get medic


Yes, yes i know - new character, shiiiiny.
I wanna play him too, but if i get trapper instead? Well tough luck, gotta suck it up and try again next round.

I’ve been stuck in queue for 20 minutes now because every time 2-3 people have set medic as preferred role and keep dodging if they don’t get to play Paladin Parnell. :rolling_eyes:

Please, just play?


You can’t demand that people play a role they don’t want to.
I would dodge anytime I get Trapper instead of my prefered role just because I hate it.

I would suggest to “suck it up” and wait 1-3 days until the hype went down.


I do not dodge but just because I get medic every match :^)
Papa is last character that is not level 40 for me [34atm]
So I have not iniciative to actually play any role or character that is not him.


Gotta madly click on the part of the screen where the medic button will be.

I got medic errytime I wasn’t afk.

And of course I left the times I was afk or alt-tabbed and didn’t get it :^)


i think that if you dont get ur preffered role, and its not a role you dont hate it to death, i think its you should just play…

but if it is, i think its totally justifiable to dodge.

i honestly dont play monster, mostly cause i really really suck at it, and i dont like it as much despite beeing a solo player, so ill dodge whenever i get monster.


Thanks for the compliment, I know I’m charming.