Stop crying op at wraith and behemoth. Look at kraken for once


Seriously people when it comes to calling op this or op that, everyone focus’ on the wraith, and yet nobody complains on how strong the krakens skills are and how often they can be spammed? Especially his mines. But really the thing that gets me is how fast he gets to fly around, especially since they made it so stasis and stuff drag him to the ground instead of slowing him. Cmon people, he’s pure range and his skills while being spammed and with the damage do pretty much just as much as behemoth.


We don’t really see too many OP Behemoth/Wraith threads right now. ^.-


I agree, I’ve always found the Kraken OP, especially his traversal. A good kraken can not be caught, they’re too fast!!


I havent seen a Wraith op thread in so long…but yeah, Kraken is getting the focus lately, by devs and players alike


Do you want me to start one XDD (jokes)


Well kraken has been bugged lately


I don’t know of anyone who says wraith or behemoth is OP. The only monster that I see complained about in that sense is Kraken :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, in fact most threads about Behemoth and Wraith I see are UP threads, not OP.


Here’s what I think. We should nerf every monster and buff every Hunter. Hunters must always win, win, win.

I don’t find any monster harder than any other to fight. You trap, shoot, kill. Yes there are better players but that shouldn’t mean that every time a good player gets control of a monster or Hunter we should have them nerf’d


Lol wow jumping the gun, obviously you don’t fight or play kraken that often. If you did you would realize it is the easiest monster to play and with with, especially with these traversal being even more worse than the wraith’s and its skills actually being op while also being spammable.


Yeah, Kraken is definitely the hardest to fight. Kiting is much harder, damaging it is much harder, CCing it is much harder, it has extremely high damage burst attacks…


Even with the traversals fixed, Kraken has some balance issues.

First on my list is the ranged melee being able to interrupt getting someone up, pray it isn’t your medic since they are the only one who can get the person back up at range.

Second would be Vortex and Mines having no casting time, which is fine by themselves but allows those to be chained together in a virtually unstoppable combo.

Third is how much more synergy Kraken can get out of certain perks like CDR.

Worst of all, is I don’t really have any good suggestions on how to fix those, short of giving Kraken a global cooldown on ability use.

Wraith still needs tweaks but mostly just because its a pain in the ass to fight, not so much OP. I feel like Warp Blast needs to be toned down a bit, or at least the other abilities buffed so you don’t see 3 point WB Wraith as pretty much the only wraith.

Goliath and Behemoth feel like they are in a good spot, especially with the Behemoth fixes. In the hands of a master player they are terrifying but rarely feel unfair.


TBH I don’t see any wraith or behemoth OP threads as of late. I think most people here will agree that Kraken is OP and needs to be nerfed.


i swear ive never seen a kraken hit the floor


In my opinion Goliath is the easiest to play as, i’ve honestly lost more matches as kraken then i have goliath, wraith and behemoth combined. Its not that im bad at him or hes too op or up, its just that there are players that really know how to fight against him and players who dont.


I love kraken he’s my main I have like 48 win and 3 loses.(or something close to that) he is a bit op.


I’m not a great monster by any means, but my w/l ratio is 5.0 with Kraken… it’s just too easy, the hunters can hardly sustain any damage on you. As Goliath, Wraith and Behemoth if you want to avoid taking damage you just troll around the arena (but you can’t do consistent damage), but with Kraken you can trollololol around the arena while also slaughtering the opposition -___-


The Kraken is OP because it has such good survive ability. Honestly, the Kraken would still be very powerful even if it couldn’t fly. I know flying is like the whole thing that makes the Kraken what it is but still it is strong enough that if you replaced its traversal with the Goliath’s it would still win most of its matches.


Especially since most places are excellent engages for Kraken. Caves? His AOE will demolish you. Wide open spaces? Can’t avoid his attacks. He completely nullifies the aspect of having to search for an advantageous fight spot and lure the Hunters in.


The only issue I have is his ‘melee’ attacks being able to interrupt you picking people up, and the fact that NONE of the assaults are good at longer range, and as everyone knows, the Kraken’s fantastic at staying at range.

He’s the only monster that can hard counter certain picks. Maggie’s traps are virtually useless vs the Kraken, and Griffin has a hard time of getting behind the Kraken (as it likes to stick near walls) so it can usually clear his harpoon pretty easily.
Bucket’s turrets will never be in range, and die too fast to AOE, and Hank will never hit an orbital unless the Kraken’s a bad player.
The Kraken can ‘body camp’ a Lazarus without actually being in any position to get punished, as he can ‘body camp’ from long range (but lazarus has other issues), and it’s hard for Slim to maintain damage (and therefore healing) on a target at long distance.

But back onto Assaults: Markov will never be able to Mine a Kraken, and his lightning gun is pretty short ranged. He basically has to rely on his assault rifle.
Hyde’s primary is close ranged, the Kraken excels at staying away, and his gas cloud buffs certainly help, but it’s not enough. He has to rely on his minigun.
Parnell probably has the best chance, but his damage output will still be lower than ‘usual’ with his shotgun spread damage, and his rocket launcher being relatively slow moving + requires good aim at distance.
Torvald’s mortar is OP vs the Behemoth, who can’t avoid it, but a Kraken is at long enough range, and has enough mobility, that he can just juke out the way relatively easily. His shotgun’s close range, which also means it’s hard to make use of his grenade weakspots.

I’d just make him squishier, to be honest. A good Kraken player can negate a LOT more damage than an equally skilled Goliath can, and isn’t that much squishier in compensation. I think it should have almost Wraith like health (maybe a bit more armour though), OR give him a weird sort of ‘nerf’ where he takes more damage from assault secondary weapons, as he negates MOST primary + tertiary weapon damage anyway.

EDIT: Apparently harpoons + snares are bugged vs the Kraken. Getting those fixed will probably make it a bit more balanced, so I’d withhold any nerfs till we see how that effects him.