Stop Complaining


I’m not trying to anger anyone, but seeing all these complaints about people being OP, unbalanced, weak, ect. is rather annoying. I’ve had no problems; the only thing I can agree with is the Wraith being tricky to deal with but there’s a Hunter match up for each Monster. Players need to learn new strategies, work on teamwork, and most importantly, learn their mistakes the hard way. My team and I never have an issue with Monsters unless we have a random on our team with no mic. I’ll quote someone “The Hunters haven’t evolved enough yet.” Give it awhile before you guys start begging for buffs and nerfs. Can’t wait to see the complaints once Behemoth is released.


I’d say use the search bar and keyword topics you would rather be a part of then. There are plenty to choose from.


There’s a pretty fair amount of complaining about hunters being OP/UP, so it’s not really exclusive to one side.

I agree most of it is nothing, but I think it’s a bit silly to say that there aren’t a couple of things ( skirting, frankly ) that should get a good, long, hard look at.


complaining about complainers …


Squeaky wheels get the oil.