Stop complaining about the new hunters


Behemoth is bad because he is bugged. You can’t use him as a point of reference of game balance. Hell bucket is OP against Behemoth and that says something.

Instead play Goliath into them which is easy to do as it’s nearly all t4 hunters. You’ll see that t4 hunters are extremely easy to take down if you play correctly. The new hunters just change some classic things up.

  1. If you want to focus a target with shield drone up you’ll need to damage another target before you go in for your big burst. The shield generator only blocks for who was last hit. It does not block incoming damage onto an unshielded target.

  2. Sunny is your primary target not slim. Her jetpack boost will provide more sustain then Slim’s healing burst

  3. Make sure to constantly be on the move as Torvald will punish you for standing still.

  4. Crow is a weaker combat Abe not hard to deal with at all.

  5. Burst through Slim if you ever have a chance. He’s one of the squishiest hunters in the game as he has no CC to stop you.


I feel like youve been playing some really shite hunters, no offense to you but eh whatevs.

  1. Actually thats solid, Shield drone can in fact be worked around
  2. Doesnt help when Slim is right next to her and keeping her at 100% no matter how much you hit her, that heal burst is nothing to laugh at, add on her being shielded by
    JP-RT the entire time and you’re having a bad time not to mention the mininukes you keep catching to the face
  3. You cant always be on the move unless you’re Kraken, Goliath cant focus fire someone while on the move, hes best when he can back someone into a corner then burst the shite out of them.
  4. I agree, although i actually think Crow is the most balanced of the bunch so i dont really feel he needs any changes
  5. You havent come up against a god Slim. Just constantly spam shoot and Heal Burst, literally no need for bugs or spore, this will keep you and your team at 100% at all times. “Oh just focus him down”
    That doesnt work when Thor is calling down lightning on your head, Sunny is nuking you/boosting slim, as well as JP-RT shielding him, all while Crow has your ass moving at 2 mph.
    /Rant over
    Do I think theyre supermega insane OP?
    Do they need changes?
    Its like Pre-patch Wraith only in the form of 4 hunters (and a bird)


What about them do you think is too oppressive?


Is JP-RT the name of the shield drone now? I hear the community has quite a few names for it…
I agree Sunny is a target to Prioritize. It’s either her or Slim.
It’s hard when they’re all together doin they thing. Once you seperate one of them or manage to down one, they start falling like dominoes.
I had once fought a full tier 4 team with wraith( random drop in game)
Man did they destroy my health bar once I got found. I gave em the slip staged up and put some points in abduct. The only skill I was missing really changed the game for me. I went to a tyrant pit to get the buff and they swarmed me fast. I left the tyrant alive and started abducting them to feed my tyrant buddy. Who proceeded to munch on them with my wraith.
GG T4.


Sunny: Shield Drones are fine, Mini-nuke is a tad too quick for my liking, Jetpack booster is fine
Final thoughts? Tweak the mininuke a tiny bit, she really isnt that bad
Crow: As i said, hes golden.
Final thoughts? Hes fine, maybe just make it so i can aim down sights when I charged something up, its just a little peev of mine.
Torvald: Mortars are spammy as hell, practically 0 downtime on them and their damage is Massive. Shotgun and Shrapnel are ok, maybe tweak the damage on shotty a bit, feels sort of on par with Parnell (might just be me)
Final thoughts? Shotgun only feels a bit strong, as i said i might just be crazy, but his mortars have almost no downside to them other than the rare moments they happen to hit a roof or something, but lets face it, I fought in a bleeding cave system and every last mortar hit its mark. Thats strange.
Slim: Damage on Shotgun is a bit high, i shouldnt be averaging assault level damage as a Medic, his burst is a bit too quick, i mean im pumping those things out with 2 seconds downtime, id probably suggest a slight tweak to how many shots it requires to bring a heal burst back up. Spores and Jim are fine (heh, slim and jim)
Final thoughts?
Too much damage for a medic, too little downtime between healbursts, and literally 0 reason to ever switch from the shotgun, that thing is godtier weaponry


Fuck, reading all these damn threads… Just want to play…


The only one I’ve ever had difficulty with, and the one I find the easiest to play is Torvald. He isn’t punished for missing a high reward ability. Giving him slightly longer reload on mortars would be fine imo.


I agree, like its fine that the damage is high, it takes some skill to land all of them, but the rate he can get them out is ludicrous.


If you guys can’t see that that the new Hunters are op you are terrible at gaming or just being dishonest because you want an unfair advantage.

With reload perk Sunny’s nuke can be fired over and over again QUICKER than Cabot’s Railgun pre-nerf. I can do about the same amount of damage with Sunny as I do an assault class. Wasn’t this the same complaint about Cabot?
Shield drone has NO cooldown and can be spammed over and over again…AND it takes multiple hits to destroy.

Torvald - completely ridiculous in that there is no cooldown on the mortar, and again, with reload perk you can for the most part fire it over and over again with only a slight delay. Next to no cooldown.


I’m a monster player and I think the tier 4 hunters are fine! It’s pretty easy to tell that it’s the Behemoth being sick with health bugs is the problem for his loss. I also tested the tier 4 hunters against my favorite monster Goliath and I used their
bones as toothpicks by the end of the round. I think they are very well balanced for release standards except for Gobi’s spotting which I think shouldn’t be able to go through walls since it’s echolocation based which makes no sense xD There are a couple other things I think need tweaked but my definition of OP means being ridiculously powerful where there’s no chance. But hey that’s my terminology, not yours :slight_smile:


What do you mean by tested?


By tested I mean I had my team and I test out their damage output on the Goliath from stage 1 to stage 3 while seeing how long each single hunter took to drain all the armor. Then after each hunter had their turn, we test to see how long it takes for the armor to drain when all the hunters fire at once until the armor goes out. Then after all those long series or repeats, we have a real fight at every stage until the armor runs out to see how well the stats we gathered related to combat scenarios. Then after restarting the game, we do all the same things except we see how it affects the health bars. We also did all this with Behemoth and that monster is as tough as a piece of paper trying to hold something after being soaked in water lol It’s long and time taking, but it’s the proper way to test in my opinion.


Ok good, i thought you were one of those “Oh i played against all T4 bots and won” and i was gonna have to smack you with the education stick :laughing:


Don’t worry I got smacked by that stick long ago xD


I still think a couple of nerfs are in order, like not saying theyre ridiculous because they are by no means unbeatable, but theres so much leniency with them, a team can afford to make blatent mistakes with them and not be effected in the long run. Had a match where the team made the rookiest mistakes ever.
Didnt use elevation.
Didnt properly protect their medic.
I dont even think that the Crow used his stasis gun.
Yet they still brought me down to half health.
It was a ridiculous amount of fire power, i just dont understand why the team is so good at everything and can still smash you like a damn wrecking ball


Ya wanna fix that because it makes no sense lol. But I see what you’re trying to say and my tests confirm that the Behemoth is currently a ‘Pay-To-Lose’ monster


Oh god poor Bob ;-;
Bob is in a rough spot


Shhhh it’s okay pats head


Yea you can spam the shield drone but it doesn’t power up right away. It takes deferral seconds before it starts shielding and can easily be destroyed at that point


Still playable, i actually have better results with him than ive been having with Goliath, and Goliath is my boy. Just dont understand what im doing wrong against T4, cant find any flaws to work with, just…grr