Stop cloning - Optional gamemode


Right now, when you die, you reappear in the dropship with the same character.

But what if instead you have to select a different hunter of your class?



Well then strikes wouldn’t make sense. But maybe you get 3 hunters and after they all die you’re done. Interesting idea not sure how it will work though. Would make downing hunters late game really hard, and Laz would lose his special ability of preventing strikes.


This would cause the gamemode to be unfair though. Obviously certain hunter counter monsters a little more do as soon as you die as a hunter you could then turn to that hunter. You’re basing this idea off the normal fps games but that’s only fair because the enemy team is allowed this option but there is no interchangebility for the monster available.


Unless, based on the hunter killed the monster would get a specific perk allowing more damage to specific abilities, more health or wider aoe attacks…etc…


@Jordian The strikes system would work the same. Its just that when you die, you can’t use the same character.

@fecio_giov That can also work the other way round. You start with a suitable hunter but when you die you have to choose a worse one. I’m not basing the idea on anything, just thought it could be fun, changing strategies in middle of a game.
It’s not that unfair.


All hunters are going to be balanced and if they weren’t I would not play lol.


I feel like with some tuning to health and damage that could be a really fun alternate mode. like perhaps each hunter returns with a down penalty but a new load-out. As a monster it could be kinda cool to have the whole “keep them coming” attitude. That said, that could make some serious issues for Lazarus.

Personally, I would like to see an alternate “alpha predator” mode where two or three monsters fight for dominance over an area. I think that has lots of potential.


We tried this for a little while but we’re never able to come up with a satisfactory solution for when you lose ALL your hunters.


I could imagine it would be very hard to balance … i mean you select certain perks as the monster to have better times against specific hunters ( faster eating against lazarus ) it would be a nice detail but in the end it would come in the way of the balancing which is easily the most important in my eyes. Either way it still could be an additional Gamemode.