Stop calling t4 hunters OP


All i see is blah OP,this OP, it’s getting stupid at this point the new hunters are not as strong as people say, the behemoth isn’t as bad as people say it is, yea his health melts that’s cause of is weak points that do 3x more damage, its been 2 damn holy give things time before people flip out case their bad and just lose


Behemoth has been confirmed to be bugged, so he is actually too weak now. That will be fixed “sometime” though.

As for the hunters being OP: Nobody can know that yet. It’s been too short of a time since they were released, new tactics are being made while new countertactics are also being made.
The fact that you don’t know (yet) how to counter something doesn’t make it OP. And 1 day isn’t enough to think of and try out all possible counter methods.


Torvald OP!!!


Stop calling Hunters anything like a “tier”.


What do you propose we call them? “4th set of hunters” is quite a bit longer to type (and this is the internet after all, full of lazy people ;))


with a bit of game understanding you actually can determine rather quickly if something is op or not…something with no counters and little drawbacks generally is not balanced


That’s the point, maybe there is a counter that hasn’t been found yet. Counters aren’t always intended or instantly logic. Give it some time and try out different things, 1 day isn’t enough to make the definite conclusion that something is OP or not.



there is only so much you can do in evolve it is not a hyper complex game a day is generally enough to try everything out


Fine then… I’ll move on



You can’t seriously ask for this!?!? The forum would be dead without all this threads, what should people talk about instead??? :laughing:


Its gaming and not science. Stuff is rather simple and the hunters are so funny I don’t even want to buy them being scared that they will be nerfed to the ground.

I am looking forward to sunny 2.0 - whatever may remain of her :smiley:

By chance I found a counter against Slim’s anti smell zone. Simply never smell against any hunter so you never rely on it anymore.


Except Torvald is the incarnation of Opness, never have I see such a game breaking character, oh wait… they called that wraith.

But seriously he needs the nerf nuke.


They are OP, but as a mainly hunter player I secretly enjoy making all the elite wraiths suffer after they dragged out so many dull long ass matches.


Torvalds Mortars are a glaring balance issue, you have to be very naive not to see it.


How come no one screams “OMFG PARNELL SO OP OMGOMGOMG NERF NERF NERF”? Because you know Torvald does less damage than him, right?


If it weren’t for OP threads we’d be talking about Slim Jims.


When I was trying out the new hunters last night I played against the Behemoth a few times. At first he felt so easy, probably because the person playing him had close to zero experience with it. I was raining down minunukes on his face with sunny, tearing him up from a slightly elevated location. However, after three or so rounds he got the hang of that rolling technique and walling.

It’s funny to see how sometimes pulling up a wall ends bad for the behemoth if Hank dropped his orbital a second before. By the way I’ve played Torvald twice now and I guess I haven’t figured him out yet - had difficulty fending off a marsh strider lol. Can’t quite get the hang of that shotgun yet


I dunno I like he’s mortars, I just don’t like how fast his shotgun reloads. They’re almost nonexistence.


But they kind of are OP, that’s how most new things start out until they get tweak around.