Still waiting for behemoth code from 2k support


Anyone else having to wait for a code from Behemoth still? My preorder was deleted off my platform and I had to send pics and a video showing my receipt and whatnot for proof and this was 2 weeks ago I was told I would get a code that night… now when I ask I have gotten the same 3 messages saying alot of people are having this issue and asking for my patience waiting for the code to be sent… it shouldn’t take this long and it’s pretty much ruining me wanting to play the game. Really don’t feel like this is proper at all…


While I get your frustration I have you to remind you that 2K Support is still investigating this problem. So hold on tight and wait patiently for the solution from 2K. You’re not alone!


…Didn’t recognize you for a moment, THISaint. O_o


I think 2 weeks ago is plenty if he did all that he stated.


2K Support really isn’t that great. At all. :confused:


There’s nothing to investigate they asked for proof I sent them it, they said I deserved a code and would get it later that night… this was 2 weeks ago. That’s unacceptable, basically my incentive for preorder in is null and void and all I can be told from 2k is hold on tight were working on it… Pathetic, like seriously the dlc has been out long enough now I shouldn’t still be waiting for a code for behemoth. Basically gonna be completely done with this game if this isn’t fixed soon enough… one disappointment after another