Still seeing undetermined rank players

I play on Xbox, and I generally play in PUGs. What I’m still surprised to see after 2 weeks is Undetermined Rank for probably a third of the players I meet.

I don’t think TRS ever gave us an exact count on how many people got ranked over that challenge weekend 2 weeks ago, but we passed it. That means at a bare minimum, we had 10,000 people across all platforms. If we’re still seeing this many unranked players, the population has to be a lot better than previously thought.

When we no longer see unranked players in PUGs, the matchmaking system will be far stronger.

Are you experiencing similar in Playstation and PC?

Yes, I was thinking the same thing last night on PS4. I usually play pugs as well, and am usually with maybe one or two ranked players, and usually one or two not ranked. My rank has stopped fluctuating so much, too, as I am being matched with slightly better players now. Now if I could just get those 20 more points to jump back into Silver again…

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I see quite a few since I’m the worst monster regularly playing on PC. Some of them are good (you can tell they are 40’s who came back to check it out) and some are clueless (newbies).

Matchmaking has evened out pretty well for me though, I win/lose about 50% (low level Bronze Destroyer). Fun!

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I thought the same while I was playing monster on Xbox. I feel I play “ok” as monster since hunt 2.0, or maybe just against noobs determining rank. :grin:. I usually play hunter with friends only, which is why I see it more as monster.

Which makes matchmaking horrendously frustrating. I keep getting put with people who think that since laz ia not meant to heal like the others that its ok for him to run around with half health and not heal anyone at all at any time. Oh and the glove is optional.

I have 0 placement matches done for hunters so I believe it

So are you not playing, playing only monater, or just not playing hunt but sticking to solo or the other modes?

I think he means just Monster. But this implies we have a minimum of 20,000 players across platforms. Not too bad.

I haven’t been playing as much as I usually do but when I do I either play monster or custom games