Still no Voodoo Wraith :(


Guys…Some of u have Voodoo Wraith or still nothing?


No one has posted that they have the Voodoo Wraith Skin.


I dont have it :frowning:
I play Online as Wraith and no Skin…thats crap


Nor do I…


Hope we will get it soon…iam on pc


if we get it they r 2 Voodoos left to get :slight_smile:


bla bla bla…bla bla bla (.)(.)


Lame, I was starting to worry it was just me.


I have tried a million fixes so I’m assuming they just haven’t released it yet. I’ve tried restarting the console and the application along with linking and un-linking my 2k account. I’m assuming they haven’t released it yet but I did receive the micro patch with the 2 maps. If there was any information regarding the wraith voodoo skin may some one please post it. If it is already out and this is a problem post please so I can attempt to contact support a friend and I have both had the same problem. I am just assuming there is a delay for the skin since we just received the micro patch but some information saying so would be appreciated. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I freaked out a little bit. The PC patch, micropatch & new maps have arrived, but still no Voodoo Wraith.


What if they gave us the predator hyde skin by mistake.