Still no patch?


I mean I expect bugs to be found and things to be inbalanced after 4 new hunters and a monster, but the amount of time it takes trs to patch the game is absurd, u don’t need to read data or gather feedback to see sunny and torvold spam artillery is op common sense and about 2 games playing against or as them should tell u that, and what on earth is the point in releasing behemoth in its current state u should have just not released it and made sure it was right, ur digging a grave here and its gonna be really hard to climb out off and it will be ur own fault.

p.s all this talk of micro patching and yet still no patch ? wtf.

just do what lol or dota do with new heroes, release them patch them, patch them some more if they still inbalanced.

ur method is release them let the community stew on them for a month and piss them all off while we can, sort ur bloody game out or ther wont be a community to play with on pc, playerbase already low as it is.


Threads like these make me sad:(


Poorly worded but he has a point. It has forced a lot of players to go Kraken who is imbalanced against the T4 as well. It is a problem with TRS not doing proper in-house testing. The life span of the game has been a decaying mess since launch though for some reason I am holding out. I have over 100 hours in the game, so I am hoping they pull out a white rabbit from that hat at some point.


why so ? I mean who am to be angry with them I only payed £40 for base game then another £20 on the hunters season pass,ime such a bad person making this thread ur totally right, I pay for hunters I feel ashamed to use coz they so op and a monster I cant play because of so many different factors shame on me for being angry


and why is it man everybody has to comment on my spelling or grammer it sucks I know my literature is terrible but talk about the goddamn game will ya


I’d rather them fix the crashing,freezing, bugs and frame drops etc then worry if people think a mortar strike is op or not,remember everything is op in the right hands! And especially if your opposition is weak.

Sunnies launcher isn’t op it’s just vs a behemoth you generally always hit the target the launcher vs wraith and kraken is garbage.


just release the goddamn patch, then if its still slightly unbalanced release another 1 a couple of days later rinse repeat, and sunny and torvold are op theres no doubt about it just crazy arse fanboys who cant win without them that think other wise


I did bring up this scenario well before the game released, my warnings were not heeded and that decision will continue to affect the customers.

New content/characters/etc need to be put through their paces so that TRS can gather enormous amounts of gameplay data and feedback before people drop their hard earned money on it, and to weed out these balance issues.

@MacMan @SlabOMeat your internal playtesters don’t represent how the public will play, and even more so are missing some glaring issues. Most modern games these days have PTR’s or (Public Test Realms) that the public can check out voluntarily to help you guys test out upcoming patches/content before it becomes live.

I get that you guys probably take longer to release patches because of multiple platforms and other issues. Doing this will help you release quality patches if this is the pace at which you guys are restricted to.

Every content update that happens will have a wraith-like scenario which no one wants, and just leaves a corrosive effect that lasts a month at least until a patch comes along to halt the damage.


Lol not the fan boy sledge again why can’t anyone have a debat without that being thrown their way?

It’s all subjective at this point most games are against behemoth with mostly the new hunters so the game data will show that the launcher of sunny and Torvald are op but that’s because behemoth is slow and big if you put the new hunters vs wraith say it’s not the case so it’s all subjective to which monster your against,even vals sniper is op vs behemoth get where I’m going…


On PC patching might be so easy that too can snap your fingers and make it so. With Xbox and PlayStation you have to deal with Microsoft and Sony who only move at a glacial pace.


Woah pal I never said you were a bad person or should be ashamed. You can voice your opinion but when you see the same threads over a long period of time it just gets a little old.

I just think that the devs are still working hard and it’s not as easy as you think getting patches out.


I agree but I think the problem is they don’t tell anyone on Twitter what’s happening about bugs getting fixed or looked at so no one knows if they are listening.if they said we are working on a patch for example on ps4 to fix x y z then it would put people at ease for a bit.


I don’t get it. Are they using their Grandmas and Grandpas as play testers?? Why there is always a completely broken character? I cant believe that testing didn’t show that Behemoth is total crap pay-to-lose dlc. The only chance you’ve got with him if you would spam “Space>LMB”.

Or Val - complete shit pre-patch. But now with Sunny it’s just eternal dart in your ass. Don’t tell me “l2p break LOS” - it’s working only against grandmas. Darts are way too long. Especially against Wraith(yeah, she also were kinda OP but now it’s shit tier) she is extremely slow and cant get away. Plus she is so fragile.

Alright, there is no or extremely poor testing, let’s move on.

They don’t test, but, hey, they can patch it! Oops, no, they cant. The fact that multiplayer game with asymmetrical gameplay don’t have a proper patching system is a complete joke. What they were thinking? That they are true masters of coding and math balance?

I don’t even want to talk about tech bugs. Laz is useless because of falling corpses, monster can touch tree with his toe while sneaking and it will fall, but when he traverse his massive body tree is a damn titan. Damn, just look at the list of bugs. They could just play all the monster/hunter for several weeks on every map to see that something is clearly wrong.
There is always something that will frustrate you.

You can flag it, but you wont flag the truth. I wish we could see which fanboy is trying to delete someone’s opinion because it’s not the same as his religion.


It certainly is frustrating to wait for simple balance numbers fixes, but I guess the reason is that they haven’t even tested the system on live servers yet. I understand there are precautions to be had and all.

I feel exactly the same. I’m afraid this feeling is going to stick because I still can’t bring myself to play Wraith even though she’s supposedly fixed now.

So far Crow is the only t4 hunter I let myself play.


I think what some take exception to is you come off as rude.


Your post is a complete joke, actually. There have been MANY balance changes. I don’t know what you are smoking, but TRS has put a good deal of effort into balancing.

Sure it could be a bit better, and I DO think that a PTR would do wonders for TRS…


you know what they say, no news is good news.


The white knights of this site are finally being out numbered. Soon we will overthrow you.


It seems that TRS are releasing PC and console patches at the same time, which means that you have to pass the ~two-week cert process for PS4 and Xbone. If these delays are also affecting the PC for concurrent releases, then that seems like a bad plan. There is no cert program for their own game on the PC, at least that I know of; at least something that is out of their internal software assurance controls.

I would hazard a guess and say they are purposefully holding off on patching the PC version to make it fall in line with the consoles.


Because “fanboy” is a crutch term when you’re presented with a counterargument that you have no good response to.