Still no answer from a Devs or anyone regarding lost progress


I got this game and started playing after release with my friends primarily as assault and i accepted an invite to a game after it said “failed to connect to host” and when i restarted my game and accepted the invite all my progress was wiped and i had to watch and do the tutorials over but my leaderboard stats are unaffected. What i doing on here? After this it happened a second time when i tried to join a game it acted like it wanted to join a lobby then sent me back to the main menu and when i started a lobby i was level one again! Please fix this!


Might want to post details over on 2K’s forums. they are trying to gather as much data on this issue as possible. Thanks!


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I really hope no one helps you now.


Hopefully, that means the countless other people that has happened to and the ones yet future will persist and this game will quickly die.


No one should help you now. Do you realize (and excuse my French) how much of a dick you were to one of the HEADS of TRS? You should apologize. What kind of fan are YOU, to be getting snippy with one of the creators OF THE GAME? Why don’t you do your job, mind your own damn business, and go SEARCH FOR IT. On G-O-O-G-L-E. Ever heard of that? Obviously not because you feel the need to get pissy when someone doesn’t give you a link to what you can easily type into a search and find. Thanks! :angry:


That would be the co-founder of TRS. Lost progress would be an issues with servers/accounts. Something not generally handled exclusively by developers.

Also, not being a jerk is likely to garner more help.


This is a problem with 2ks servers, not TRS.
And that “mod” you were griping at, is one of the co-founders of TRS.
There is having a grievance, and being an asshat. And you are being an asshat.


I already haven spoken to you about this matter. Further, you did get an answer from the co-founder of the game…no reason to snap back with such a statement. This is not the place for toxicity, especially when someone wants to try and help you out.


So I shouldn’t be a dick when i replied and messaged Devs directly multiple times for well over 5 hours now. Made numerous forum topics about this since early release and until now i havent received an answer and my answer is “go somewhere else i cant help you”.

You people need to get over yourselves. I can be as much a dick as i want to be (and i could have been much worse) but was not. This is a legitimate complaint. If Devs cannot handle some complains and frustrated customers well they are in the wrong business and by the looks of all the major glitches this being gamebreaking it seems that is so.


Let me try to simplify: The problem lies with 2K accounts/servers. You are barking up the wrong tree.


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I’m not saying your concerns are not legit, because believe me I’ve been in your shoes before for other games where levels get reset or characters lost etc. It is maddening…but that being said, you’re being rude. I understand you’ve been trying to get the issue resolved but the devs can only do so much at once and right now their focus is probably on the issues that are preventing people from actually playing, and other things will have to wait a little bit.


Has anyone who has ever used the phrase, “Get over yourself” NOT been a dick? Not in my experience. It’s the surefire sign you’re dealing with someone worthless.


We are looking into this, but to better help us figure it out, please submit a ticket to 2K support! This helps us gather data


I played this game and loved playing it. I dealt with the shadowing glitch and didnt really mind. But i got to level 23 and had every monster and character unlocked, go to play it after work and all of it was erased. I dont know how this happened since i have been playing solo and not really using xbox live. Can I have some info on how this happened and if there is a fix, I really dont want to keep playing to have it done again or have me doing so result in me fully losing progress incase it can be restored somehow.