Still Looking


Still looking for a premade/competitive team that can beat me as monster. I played some folks in Singapore but the crap connection made less than half the attacks actually hit. PC.


What’s your Steam username? Might be a good idea to post it in case someone with a good premade want to fight. :stuck_out_tongue:


And where are u from?



NA region.


If you’re US East we could always play some games


Oh hey, I played you the other night ^.^
You beat us as Savage Kraken then said we sucked ;-;
I cri evritime


Yea I know you joined after the fact. That group was being a bunch of douches in the previous match.


Ah, understandable ^.^


This forum is slowly becoming less console friendly ^.^
Crying (cause I don’t have PC)


XB1? If so add me up ~ Pro x Ill3gal


I’m xbone gt is Fang18 might want to add me first, I’m offline this week till exams are over


Xb1 as well, same gt


Still on PC. lol