Still looking for peeps on Xbone!


I think my medic might be leaving this game for good due to matchmaking issues and leaderboard resets, so I’m looking for people to play with. :sob: I play trapper and am looking to fill the other spots. Don’t let my low level deceive you. I was 24 before I got reset. Now I’m 3.

Hit me up on Live, broskis: TheFeralMerc

P.S. I love you.


Pretty busy this weekend. Might have time. If you see me on Evolve hit me up if you want.
Gamertag: Myala
As for medic I have Val, and Caira elite through matchmaking only. Did not boost them with custom or solo. I like playing medic but enjoy playing all the characters.


GT: Cpt Roncodpiece

Have Caira elite and the others working on 3rd star.


Any assaults? Seems like no one plays that.


Add me ninjam123 markov is what i do best big buck


Markov is an underrated monster and you might become my new best friend. Maggie + Markov combo = :gift_heart:


Hey if anyone is looking for support player lemme know im always looking for people to play with


Added you.


can’t play this weekend but in 3-4 days time I m up for it!
Mainly playing Support…got elite skins on all supports : Hank, Bucket and Cabot and I ve played the alpha/beta and won a ton of matches already. If you re interested add me
Gamertag: Cyro3glax


GT fireguyfrank58 on Xbox one I’m down to play.


I might be down to play later tonight. My gamertag is Rapterror9.

I specialize in all classes. My usual Hunter picks are…

Support: Cabot
Assault: Hyde or Parnell
Trapper: Griffin or Abe
Medic: Lazarus
Monster: Kraken


Added everyone.

Need some sleep.

Let’s hunt some monsters tomorrow.


ill play any role prefer assault or monster


Can’t find that GT.


Hey, add me RedexElite

I’m new to the game but I’m having fun and can hold my own. Looking for people to w that have mic’s.

Usually on in the evenings, or random times on weekends.



Woops EreWeGo WAAAAGH forgot an A


Added you guys.


Hey how u doing ill play. Message me ign boode09


GT Marco125784
Pretty much play everything medic and assault are my favourites right now doe


Support. Mainly