Still here


It’s been more than three months for me now and I’ve clocked in towards 200 hours, arrived at level 40, became nr 76 with Val in my region and bought T4.

A friend who hasn’t bought the game because it’s for some reason not his cuppa tea asked me why I was still playing. . . .

I don’t know.

There is soo much in this game that should piss me off and has, persistently: Still some very very trivial bugs like gun sounds not working properly and for christ’s sake the matchmaking on xbox one is an absolute assault on any person’s human dignity. Why do I have to wait 2 minutes when a matchmaking failed to start a new one? The horror!
And some of the people who are playing this game are the horror squared.

But every now and then you get into a game with players who share your passion for this game and have taken the time required to actually learn how to ply it properly. And that’s when something beautiful happens: You just play together and have fun. That’s what games are for right?

So for those rare experiences, when everything just cklicks, I’m still playing this game.

And this game somehow just feels . . . For me there is currently no other game that gives you the same sense of scale and areas you can actually explore and landscapes you can make your own in quite the same way.

So that’s why I’m still here

Why are you still here???


Because I love murdering hunters and hearing their screams The game is really fun :grin:


I’m still here because the game is fun.
And I do coaching with @Maddcow
One day the playerbase may rise, and I’ll be (hopefully) readyy.


The same. For now the times where you just play and have fun outnumber the times when you have the frustrating mis-matched skill levels, or weirdly weighted preferences in lobby. Every game has a purpose, it’s not like jumping in to a server on another game and being part of a 40 minute deathmatch, regardless of the objectives, and it is one of only a handful of games where you can from beginning to end work towards a goal, and have to work towards that goal.


There aren’t really any games like it? It’s a great relax break for me an a mate from games like CS:GO that we play more often


I have pretty much the same story as you. I’m the only one of my rl friends who play this and they keep asking me why? Well because this game is amazing, unique, and not like all the other games out there. This game delivers everything I really like about gaming. TEAMWORK. I think people are slowly starting to realize that.
When I play this game shit hits the fan and I can’t stop playing. /addict.

Oh ofc probably cus I was a huge L4D fan, must be that too.

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good point. I didn’t consider that actually there is a goal you have to work towards from beginning to end of a match.

What other games would you say have that as well?

I also appreciate that it’s not all rush rush rush towards a grind spot and die and respawn and rush to the same spot again. And CoD often is just that. There is no downtime. The volume is always on ten and after three matches of such games I get tired of it and ask myself what’s the point except earning stuff and xp?

The hunt behind Evolve lends the gameplay a purpose and a sort of story-like focus. Both hunters and monsters go through a development during the match and experience stuff they can later on tell as a story.

When I’m gonna tell you a story about my cod experience it’s going to be that:

I watched a countdown count backwards from three, then I killed a guy then I killed a guy then I killed a guy then I died. Then I killed a guy then I killed a guy and oh I forgot to mention that I killed a guy and died.

Interesting story huh?


I’m here because of the same reason.


Well you’ll always be able to say in one year’s time that they missed out on what might well b one of the best games of this console generation.

Everybody waiting for the big hitters and haloes, not realizing that one of them is already available right now. . .

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Is CS GO on xbox one?


I’m still here because i love the concept and its in depth, and i don’t rage and call bs and complain about everything in this game besides that period where kraken wouldn’t gtf down so i could shoot him in the face as a player that loves trapper it was a hard time in my gaming life for me.

Not to mention i remember playing gears of war 3 and people would complain about anything unless you were walking and using the gnasher but even then you probably had a modded controller if you killed them only thing that’s universal is matchmaking


Well your first mistake was buying an Xbone.


Nicely said, almost brought a tear to my eye. :cry:
Those types of games make all the disconnects, the little and big bugs and the occational unfriendly player worth putting up with. I can never get enough of this game and shall continue to support it until the end.

So that’s why I’m still here, and because of you guys. You are all awesome. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m still here because I haven’t seen it all yet. I’m not talking about hidden muffins but new kinds of strategies, tactics and game mechanics. Like I found out (here on the forums) a few weeks ago that albinos make different sounds. Discovering something new brings me joy. And the assymetrical 4v1 is something I have never seen before so it fills me with joy as well :smile:


Evolve is love Evolve is life :grin:


Oh for christ’s sake did they now hide muffins as well?
As if fucking cupcakes on an alian planet hadn’t been enough :wink:

Yeah i also like to discover new stuff. But if the stuff you already know is solid you will also rejoice at discovering new situations made up of familiar stuff

like a dune beetle joining the laser show in the arena coming to say hello.

Once i had so much wildlife under a dome i could have started a regular theme park in there




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Because the base game was awesome, and they keep updating! Arena mode is so nice and quick and convenient, if you don’t have much time.


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Are playing because friends drag you to it or do you also enjoy it yourself?

Battlefield 3 was a game I played only because of friends.

I thought oh this is real this is military those vehicles look real . . . boring


I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t enjoy the game. But it’s the fact that I have many good friends playing it that’s keeping me in. I find the game unique and enjoyable, sure… but that’s nothing to me compared to playing with the glorious bunch that is my friends list.

If it wouldn’t be for that very list… I’d probably still be playing TF2 lobbies, working hard on improving my Insurgency aim and trying to get the old YT project group back together.