Still getting placed in the wrong game mode PS4


The second to last patch for the PS4 states that this bug was fixed but im still experiencing it. @MrStrategio


That’s a shame. Can you give some details what you’re doing and what you are experiencing exactly?


Unfortunately I don’t think im doing anything out of the ordinary. Simply put, on some rare occasions i get put into a nest or rescue game right after playing a hunt game through skirmish. Sorry i can’t give anymore details.


Happens on PC as well. Not common, but but not rare either.


Our current theory is that a player who was the host backed out and triggered the host migration, which just did not work properly. I’ll have to see what the deal with that was. If you’re certain that a group of players started a match and no one disconnected to trigger a host migration, then there might be something else going on.


Happens on Xbox as well


Ill try to keep an eye out for that and let you know. No promises tho cause i have insane ADD. Not even joking. I take adderall :smile:


the strange thing is if ure skipping defend/nest u skip into another mode like 9/10 times (not hunt)


Wait, didn’t somebody say that Evolve has dedicated servers a while ago?


I thought so too…But I doubt it now… :stuck_out_tongue: