Still don't like the insta dome


It feels really cheap. No skill needed to land a dome. Now I will never have the great feeling of throwing a dome, and hitting the monster with a harpoon to make sure it doesn’t jump away. I miss that. A good dome felt like it was earned, now it’s really really boring…anyway, just my 2 cents.


I agree but we need to cater to some people more than others because rasins.


A 3 second drop time would be nice


I was sad too, for about 5 seconds, until I realised that the skill of…

  1. Throw dome after chasing the monster for a while and finally getting in range
  2. Quick switch to harpoon gun
  3. Fire harpoon gun
  4. Wait

… is actually much less interesting than the strategy of…

  1. Work out where the monster is going
  2. Co-ordinate with team to attempt to corral the monster towards a hunter favourable spot
  3. Know where on the map given the monsters direction, monster type and team composition the right kind of spot for a dome is
  4. Land that dome in the right place without the monster realising what’s happening and just doubling back and out of danger.

Edit, correcting “skill” to “strategy” so as not to confuse


You will kill pubs if the dome was not in 1 seconds … they have a hard time finding the monster and capturing him (you will kill player base indirectly )

You will make flee till 3 even more possible … Preferable

You will make the trapper more vulnerable by being close to the monster to be able to doom him

It will be harder to make good dooms which means if you can’t convince the monster to fights or if you … You will be more likely to lose the game if he stages up

1 second doom was made to prevent those … I agree that I don’t enjoy throwing the doom any more

But it’s for a better experience for hunters


I agree, 3 seconds would be nice


But I don’t like raisins…lol


Those are really valid points man. It still feels artificial though. I don’t know I just don’t like it. Maybe not instant, why not have a 2 or 3 second dome? The invisible wall is pretty dumb…


I really think that people need to stop seeing domes as hunter skill. The responsibility for domes actually landing is more on the monsters now with 1 second domes, it’s a skill that monsters didn’t really need as they just ran as far as they could and fed and it would require specific hunter picks to make sure they kept up, cutting was much harder before for hunters and that’s why the meta was more reliant on the chase comp.

Right now, domes are in a good spot, monsters need to start thinking for themselves and need to work on strategies like feeding routes, juke areas and need to work harder at learning to turn on hunters that are isolated due to a split because in actual fact they are chasing you, not the other way around, you can choose to go to areas that let you juke or that force splits.

TL:DR; domes are fine at 1 second, it still requires hunter skill to land a perfect no loop dome but it still requires monster skill to juke the dome in the first place


@GiantChiprel will give you his opinion on this one. I share his sentiments and I feel I wouldn’t explain why instant dones suck as well as he does.


I love the Dome how he is as Monster and Hunter

low Levels would never trap a fast Monster like Gorgon if its would be 3 seconds or more


Unfortunately I feel that view is a very two dimensional view of what strategy is. Chip used to love the whole harpoon to secure the done thing, just because that is gone doesn’t mean, imo, that the game is suddenly devoid of hunters needing to play tactically well, as he claims.


It’s not just about griffin. Taking the time to make sure you could have the monster and knowing that it takes 2 seconds for a dome to drop takes tremendous skill and strategy, and this was way before anyone got really good. Once monster players started getting really good at it, and wraith was implemented, everyone cried “fix fix fix”. Instant domes removed the strategy of “can I get him if I throw now or should I wait?” And replaced it with “o look there he is. Bam got him 100%”


I respectfully disagree. It didn’t take meaningful skill to be able to be close enough to drop a dome that would work. There was co-ordination with your support for a cloak dome, there was counting traversals, and there was blind luck that a monster wasn’t paying attention to you coming while feeding. All of these are still important while trying to get a good dome in a game that has (as you say) got to the point where people are generally good at what they do and in dome mitigation is such a huge thing.

But for the most part it was entirely down to the monster as to whether or not you’d get the dome (without Griffin), the trapper just needed to chase until they were close enough.

All the dome time change has done has changed the range that the trapper needs to be from the monster in order to land a dome, and as such has actually increased strategic play. For example…

That isn’t strategy as far as I’m concerned, that’s just timing :P. People seem to like to pretend that things that were just functional competencies can be chalked up to strategy. Skill? Sure, in a rough way, but they’re not strategy.

Yes, you managed to keep situationally aware of the monsters traversals, yes you knew how to ping it to get a distance, yes you were now aware of if that was close enough to be able to land the dome, with or without harpoon support. These aren’t strategies, they’re processes.

But as you say, this was before anyone was good, but monsters were adapting, they were understanding already where on the map to make a sort of stand to juke out the dome and get a free evolve.

Back in March/April 100% dome rate would be enough, now it’s not. Now it’s 100% dome rate with at least 66% of them not having a loop. People are glossing over the fact that this change was necessary because the game was changing from underneath the mechanics. Monsters were learning the control they had in battlefield choice, they were (and I use this term with a pinch of salt) abusing their ability to traverse, and as such the game was slipping further away from trappers being able to fight on anything other than the monsters own terms.

So what the change has done is give the team strategic choice. Is it worth waiting for a better spot to dome, or is it important to harass the monster now? Is it worth just delaying the monster and letting him mitigate in a looped dome so that we can run down the dropship timer a bit? It gives more granular choice and more importantly relies more on the skill of the trapper to know the ideal time to throw the dome after the monster has over committed to a fight outside a dome in order to trap in, in addition to within that situation giving the trapper strategic freedom to pick the best spot within range of the monster to ensure maximum potential damage rather than just having to get closer to the monster and throw it and hope it doesn’t burst out in time.

I respect that people prefered and more enjoyed the older dome timings. But I trust that TRS isn’t going to move against the tide of the meta that players themselves have shifted, and I can’t agree that the old dome mechanics were any more skillful or strategic for the game than what we’ve got right now.


LOL I remember a live stream a few days ago where the trapper was too aggressive and was out on its own, got downed by Chiprel, and before he could traverse away, the trapper was revived and threw the insta-dome and caught him. That’s just bad game design. It’s one of the areas where TRS catered to the casual, low skill level player at the expense of the higher skilled players.

“hey casual trappers don’t have the skill to trap monsters… lets make domes virtually instant!” sure it might fix the problem for trappers who aren’t very good or for teams who don’t coordinate very well, but it makes it broken for people who actually know what they are doing. The idea that instant domes actually make it more strategic is some kind of joke. Any tactic or strategy you could have with an instant dome is equally viable with a delayed dome. But with a delayed dome you need to have more teamwork, higher trapper skill, and more map knowledge to land it consistently. Now most teams just chase comp the monster and dome it whenever they want. Strategy!


the 1 second dome is probably the worst change they made to this game.the dome should be around 2-3 seconds there’s no reason for it to be less than that other than lack of hunter skill which is not a good reason in fact that is a very poor reason.
it makes the game a very poor experience for the monster when you out smart a trapper but get domed anyway…just because you know that’s fair o.0


I don’t really mind the instant domes that much, especially considering I understand why TRS did it and what goal they’re hoping to achieve.

However, I just wish the throwing animation would be synced with the faster domes already. The “animation” of throwing the dome now is so horribly out of place.


If you get domed while thinking you’ve outsmarted the trapper… then you have not outsmarted the trapper. :stuck_out_tongue:


Um, I’m a monster and hunter player. I felt the same way at first when patch 5.0 came out. But as I got use to it, it didn’t feel as bad (the one second domes). You can say dome dodging was a skill but it wasn’t really that hard to save traversals see the trapper throwing it and just jump out. I believe the changes are for the better, or you wouldn’t see any other trapper played at all. You still could flee till three before and after the patch. The only change was that you either had to fight some more. I still don’t know why people complain about this after 5 month, you should have gotten use to the domes by now. If the monster now doesn’t wanna get dome they have to be able to sneak properly and make distance while eating. If the monster player really wanted to get out of a dome stage 1 or 2 you can rush the trapper and try to down him. At stage 1 this might be a little harder against coordinated teams. But if your keeping 3 people on the defensive then your pretty much mitigating a lot of damage (focusing the trapper for shields and heals to come out). No offensive @Atrinoch but you think Giantchiprel’s good at the game currently even tho he hasn’t play for months and someone that isn’t use to this patch ? Against competitive teams he doesn’t even stand a chance and they were a group of people that don’t even play hunters together regularly, the one and only game I think he won was because he got a bug, instant incapped on support and medic. Not to mention the assault player those last 7 games wasn’t the greatest, and doesn’t main hunter or assault for that matter. But I mean it takes a lot of skill to just spam wall pounces, like how it took a lot of skills before to spam sneak attack which Chiprel did non stop.


No I don’t think he’s that great. He’s no pro but he doesn’t suck. You’re putting too much faith in the monster to dodge instant domes, down the trapper, midigate damage and win the game. That’s not typically how it goes and the fact that Maggie removes sneaking from the game and has an instant done makes it that much harder. I never see anyone but Maggie and sunny in Hunt 2.0 because they get wins. Maggie with an instant dome, has no down side, no counter play. She has a tracking device that takes no skill besides going forwards. With the delayed dome, you had to coordinate because her traps had an arm time. She has no instant CC that the others do and that is made up for with Daisy. With instant domes, Maggie had no downside. There’s no strategizing how to catch the monster when you know you will get him anyway, where as before you needed to be close and have your team push him into you.