Still don't know how fun the new hunters are


Ever since the new guys dropped I have been slammed into pugs where I am locked in as the monster. 5 times in a row I will get stuck as the monster, then the group disbands and it starts over again. This is really starting to annoy me, I want to try out the new hunters.


A lot of that going around. I got to play support a lot on Monday, but only a handful of times since. Last time I logged into the game, I got my #4 and #5 pick 4 times out of 6. Needless to say, the last time it happened I just backed out of the lobby and shut the game down.


Try coop, then?


I think the main reason is that alot of people want to play the new hunters. So they all have hunters as their priority spot. Which means there are to many hunters and to few monsters I guess. Should balance out when the “new” wares off.


Wouldn’t monster players have the same want to play Behemoth though? I know he’s bugged at the moment but I’ve still seen quite a few around (including some very good Behemoth players as well!)


Yeah, the first day. But then they get DESTROYED and move on to good old goliath or test out the new hunters in stead.

There are good behemoth players, but even the best players are having a realllly hard time putting up a fight. I have tried alot of tactics with different perks and playstiles, but at the moment behemoth is just very unrewarding to play imo. The same hunter team absolutly got rekt with my goliath and wraith. But to barely get a win with behemoth took me soooooo much more effort. And OK. It might be skillbased and Ofcourse i have alot more experience with goliath. But I almost NEVER take Kraken, and when i somethimes get him at random, i have no real trouble winning games. With behemoth it’s a very differnt story even tho I almost have the same playtime with both monsters.

And I consider myself a “decent” monster player, so I can imagine the weaker monster players just not even getting a single down(in most games i have played him as hunter it’s the case ).


What platform, account level and gamemode are you trying to play on? I often see people complaining about this in evacuation mode. I occasionally have problems getting the Monsterspot in Hunt on PC at lvl 40 for that matter.

You could also hook up with someone else and queue as a group. That reduces the probability of you getting the Monsterspot considerably.


It’s really sad that I can’t play Medic anymore. I have always mained monster but ever since the 4th came out I’ve gotten stuck playing monster. No one wants to be the monster with how unbalance the new hunters are.


No they don’t the new hunters are too frustrating to play against. Beatable but can be like hunters playing against prenerf wraith with pubs, still frustrating.


Behemoth is broken in a very bad way. Who wants to play a monster who’s real health and armor are only half the value that is shown? And who turns into a paper target whenever he wants to use any of his abilities? He’s supposed to be getting a fix, but not sure how well it will work. I think they are tweaking his armor and health, but I’m not sure if they are fixing his massive crit hit box, which is, of course, directly in center mass where most shots will hit anyway.

I’m really, really disappointed in Behemoth, and I’m also extremely disappointed in the reactions to the T4 support.


yea but there 1 monster 4 hunters you got to play each to know what their like