Still dissapointed in hunter skins


I see all these community challenges for monsters and hunter skins, but i can’t really excited for any hunter skins. The monster have very cool skins, you can show them off. But the hunters feel lackluster. It’s really hard for another player to see these skins you paid for/earned.

I don’t really see why hunters dont have full body skins as well. I’m not talking about remodels or anything like that, just full skin recolors/retextures. As of right now I feel like I’m the only one who knows I have a skin on most of the time.

Imagine if monsters were the only ones able to see their skins and hunters saw the default. That wouldn’t feel very good to the monsters who bought/earned their skins. You get them to show off and hunters can’t really do that.


I mean I wouldn’t mind if they made full body skins for hunters, but I only wear skins for myself not so other people will notice them.


I agree - I wish the skins affected the hunter’s clothing, not just their guns.

That notwithstanding though, have you seen the Maneater skins for Maggie (all trappers, actually)? It gives you a bright purple Daisy which is sheer awesomeness. Also, the Phoenix skins for the medics are a really bright orange/yellow/blue color that really stands out. But yeah, the other skins are barely noticeable on the hunters.


Yeah I feel like maggie is one of the best for skins because she’s able to do the showing off, her and bucket. people see purple/blue/whatever daisy and most awe or look at it closer. Which is nice. And yeah I do like the new medic ones, theyre arguable the easiest to see.


Agreed, I will not spend a dime on Hunter skins as they are now.


I purchased the Hank leviathan skin…going on a whim…and…the tempest skin is still the best imo…leviathan is good in the couple snow maps.


Leviathan is super cool, it matches with the blue of the shield projector, I like it a lot.


I don’t see any reason for them to not make full body skins.

Also the clash of coloring between outfits and weapons is a bit, whats the word? unsettling? annoying? dissapointing?
bah i can’t think of the word but you get the idea


Hydes ragnarok skin looks awesome though. One of the few I might actually pick up in the future.


Yeah i agree with u. I got new trapper skin, daisy look pretty in her pink skin tho.


I would have really liked to have the full outfits change with the skins as well. I bought one skin, that was the Valkyrie skin for Val, and I hardly use it. Instead I mostly use the Predator skins.



I can see my post from 9 months ago.


Holy Christ, how many threads will be brought back?


Yeah, this thread is just too old and there’s not much ongoing discussion going on in here. @jeanna_q I’m closing this one, but If you still feel this is a topic that needs to be discussed, feel free to make a new thread.