Still crashing to desktop with no error


i cannot find any steam or windows error logs relating to this. what do i need to do to get you guys the data you need? ive searched the forums for CTD threads and each one ends up barren, no TRS / 2k support, or anyone for that matter. the one thread i found in regards to CTD was about ranking, which i dont care about. it happens during hunt or quickplay, no matter what mode.

its not a hardware issue on my end, as this the only game (out of 8 that i play regularly on steam) that’s crashing in this fashion. all my drivers are up to date, no new windows updates, no hardware changes, no new peripherals.

funny part is (well not really…) is its happening on 2 nearly identical computers(one has a better video card, but the mobo/ram/processor/hard drive… everything is literally the same). i cant make this up.

please advise.



@ArPharazon because I know he’s on a lot.


This just happened to me to. Third game in on quick play, at the conclusion of the second round of Arena (1-1)


I think and hope this is known bug. Happens to me and most my friends too time to time.


First things first, please try Steam’s Verify Integrity if you haven’t already.

The game doesn’t currently emit a minidump upon a crash, but it should begin after our next major update.


already done that along with multiple reinstalls on different hard drives. even upgraded to a gtx 970 ssc and the issue is still happening (just happened about 30 minutes ago TBH).