Steven Universe - It's worth your time


Having recently wrapped up it’s 1st Season showcasing 50+ 11 minute-long episodes, Steven Universe is a show you might want to take interest in. But before I tell you why, let’s get some of the nitty-gritty out of the way first though; yes, it’s on Cartoon Network – but it’s the sort of show that is currently driving the network in a better direction as it’s much more adult and not an acid trip like Adventure Time.

There were times when Adventure Time had it’s moment, in particular key episodes such as It Came From The Nightosphere and I Remember You; two episodes written by Rebecca Sugar. What was remarkable about such episodes were how they chose to expand the depth of the show, which excited fans that it had adult driven feelings and emotions that an older audience could better relate to. Forbes Magazine took notice of her talent and noted that she was responsible for “many of the best episodes” of Adventure Time.

In 2013 Rebecca Sugar introduced a pilot for her own show; Steven Universe. The show was to be drastically different from Adventure Time, which features a cast of standard characters in a fantastic world; approaching strange and radical adventures day by day. Standing a juxtaposed is Steven Universe, which features a cast of fantastic characters in the normal world; approaching a slice-of-life sort of setting which attempts to tackle deeper and more complex emotional facets of family.

At first glance, Steven Universe looks like your average show; and for the first several episodes it embraces this notion by living up to ones expectation of that. Yet, as the show progresses further and further it begins to deconstruct itself and dive deeper and deeper inside of the characters instead of distracting the audience with silly and/or pointless adventures.Often times the only thing silly about the show is titular character, Steven Universe; who is just a child and it’s often that child-like view which creates some of the best humor.

Otherwise the Crystal Gems, whom we later come to realize have nothing to do with actual crystals and it’s more a faction of an alien race called Gems, are very serious and take upon the role of mothering Steven despite not knowing truly how to. So the series ends up being a growing relationship between Steven and the Gems as they come to discover more about one another through their words and their actions.

Steven himself undergoes several changes as the show progresses as he starts to come of age and realize he should leave behind child-like things. In many ways he is destined to be the leader of the Crystal Gems. He has no choice but to face and overcome the challenge that the rest of the Gem species desires his destruction. Something the Crystal Gems did not wish him to be privy of; as he is indeed only just a child.

In my opinion Steven Universe is a very good show. It’s not the best show ever as it were, but it’s certainly a show that deserves attention for it’s progressive themes and content. This sort of show will only surprise you as each episode brings new and unexpected turns and twists to the story and plot. I for one strongly recommend tuning in, but it’s best to start from the beginning no matter how lack-luster that beginning truly is.


Im believin in Steven


From the same person who wrote those Adventure Time episodes? I’m in. Where, when and how?


You’re god damn right it’s worth your time! Been watching since the first episode came out, and it gets MAD GOOD.


Try an outlet like WatchCartoonOnline.


I loved Adventure Time, and some of the darker/deeper episodes were better than actual movies I’ve watched. Rebecca Sugar is good. I don’t know how I’ve missed out on this.


If it helps, these were my 1st impressions of the show authored back in February 2014.

Wow, was I late to the party? I remember hearing about a new show on
Cartoon Network, but it wasn’t until I heard that it was created by
Rebecca Sugar – that made me take a second look. I first watched this
show today and I was very impressed. This has the kind of humor that
tickles my fancy, non-stop fits of laughter over the most simple of
setups like the “Mister Queasy Doll” from the Chesseburger Backpack

The artwork is beautiful and I find it to be touching at times;
there is heart to this show. This is why I like Rebecca Sugar’s work,
she was responsible for tear-jerker Adventure Time episodes like “I
Remember You” and “Simon & Marcy” – ever since she left the show,
Adventure Time just hasn’t been the same. All of the heart and soul that
made Adventure Time watchable has moved on to Steven Universe. I look
forward to seeing where they take the show and I deeply hope they give
the characters some serious growth and progression.

Honestly, I’d like to see Steven master his powers one day and expand
the universe. I’m getting a very “Pink Captain America” vibe from him,
especially now that he has a very big bubble-gum pink lion as his pet.

I felt these impressions were very sound and I was very impressed in the direction to show has taken since then. If you haven’t tuned in already, you really should.


I plan on it. But first I have one season of catch-up to do.


Both unwatchable shows to me. maybe im too old. or not on shrooms?


Maybe. But I’m an adult myself, the only drugs I use are coffee and sleeping pills, and I love them.


This show sounds extremely interesting


What? I said-

Do not manipulate my quotes.


maybe I have children and i dont want them to develop ADD? its not straight forward if you get what i mean.


Well played Roses.
Well played indeed.


We all have our opinions. I’m a 33-year-old adult male and I find this show deep and extremely well-written. I suppose I’m drawn to it because I’m a writer and novelist and love deep stories with character growth and world building. If you take it in and watch each episode as stand-alone, you’re doing it incorrectly. Steven Universe blends all episodes together; there is absolutely no filler and each have a point.

Edit: And I don’t have ADD.


Well thank you.

@kyronr600 Alright. If you don’t like either, you’ve said so. Why are you here? Bye, good luck, have fun. :slight_smile:


@MidnightRoses because this guy said i can. :slight_smile:



I thought it was rubbish at first but now they seem to be trying to actually form a story, getting better.


Knowing Rebecca Sugar’s work I’m not surprised. Her AT episodes look like random, kiddy trash at a first glance as well. They’re actually pretty deep. Or they were. Then she left. ;-;


I love this show…but the fillers are not much to watch. Like the April Fools Episode, it was just painful.