Stereo studio pre-order and big alpha codes?


So im new here, and i recently read that gamestop doesn’t give out codes unless you pre’ordered before the announcement.
I’m located in denmark, and i’ve registered and pre-ordered at stereo studio. my question is, is stereo studio garantee’d to send me a code for the big alpha?


Only certain retailers are doing the big alpha code pre-order bonus, so you’ll have to check if they will be doing so by contacting them directly. As far as I’m aware, they aren’t giving away codes. And in all honesty I’ve never even heard of stereo studio :stuck_out_tongue:


Well Stereo studio is on the list at, if you choose denmark as the location. but with me never having pre-ordered to recieve alpha/beta access before, i don’t know what to look for. hence why i’m asking :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw in another thread that Gamestop won’t be sending out codes until the 24th, so I wouldn’t expect it immediately.

The easiest way to know is to actually call Stereo Studio.


I thought the same thing but then saw a picture of the reciept and I think that might mean “they” (2K) will be sending out steam codes to actually add the alpha to library between 24th adn 29th. There’s a lot confusion because there are single use codes, multi use codes, preorder codes, and steam activation codes. Codes. codescdoecodes. and codes.