Stepping down from Leader status


So, due to my recent inactivity, the mods and I agreed that the Leader status should be removed from my account. I just wanted to make this thread to clarify that no, nothing wrong happened, I’ve simply been much less active than I have been in the past, and it wouldn’t be fair to keep this badge if I’m not representing the community as much as I used to.

Now, that doesn’t mean I’m leaving. I’ll still visit every day. I’ll still comment funny things every now and then. But my current situation ( and the resulting mental side-effects ) do not allow me to be as enthusiastic as I was back in ye olde days of our wonderful community. It’s entirely unrelated, 100% real life getting in the way. I love everyone here.

And guess what? If I ever get that energy back, I’ll find my way back up to Leader again.

But until then, be nice to one another c:


But I just got here! ;_;

Farewell, friend. :<


Yes, and I voted you in, by the way ;D


Hey man, it takes respect to step down!

Hope everything works out!

I’ll see you in the threads!


Take the time you need @Sannom, you know we’re here if there’s anything we could possibly do…hopefully being here is enough to help :slightly_smiling:


No Sannon :cry:

You will be missed good friend :bucket_salute:

Who will now fill the position I wonder?


I’m not going anywhere. And there’s two wonderful new leaders already. Don’t you know it’s rude to talk about replacing someone?


Too soon. Way too soon.


Sad to see you lose your enthusiasm… but I understand.


I know you’re not going anywhere silly but someone has to now fill that empty roll :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, they’re a fill in, no one can replace you. :heart:


We loved you as a leader, we hope to see you back . You’ve done an excellent job as a leader, I hope your situation gets better. Please take care of yourself, have a good one :smile:


The only reason why I became a Leader in the first place was because I felt so at home with our community, and I could be myself and be appreciated for it! I didn’t have to feign anything, I was made into a leader thanks to none other than you guys!


You’re always welcome to join the Leaders again once you think the time is right :heart:


Come here!

Thank you for being part of this community C:


A little update. Mods approached me and asked if I’d like to keep in contact with the other leaders and retain my permissions, but with a new, custom title, " Leader on Break ".




I bet we are all like this right now @Sannom :sob:

See you soon!!


It sad to hear you’re taking a break from leader status. I hope you get your enthusiasm back soon. Until then, I’m glad you and the mods found a compromise. :slightly_smiling:


Sorry about your IRL status. Get better soon!


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