Steamadon and Strider (I think kill count) [Resolved]


I was playing Arena as the Kraken and killed about 5 Steamadons. When it got to the XP part, it said I killed 500 Steamadons for 900 XP. THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY I KILLED THAT MANY lol. I think it was the same with Striders if I remember.


The awards are added up throughout your gameplay.


I don’t understand?


I barely even see Steamadons and never really kill it??


Those badges are over the life of your account. So every single one you kill in every game is added up to a grand total.


Just because you don’t see them when you do crap doesn’t mean they don’t get caught in the crossfire.

Mines, Toxic nades, Banshee Mines and whatever will kill them.


I see now… thx

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Well, now that you got that clear @MidnightRoses :smile:


Tags are circular now… O.o