Steam Upgrade


Evolve Upgrade?

I got this game a few months ago, but can I upgrade to the Evolve PC Monster Race?

If not, come on guys add an upgrade option for us guys who pre ordered early… :smiley:

( Big issue on the Steam user forums at this moment so)


You can cancel your pre-order and then purchase the Monster Race. There is no way to ‘upgrade’ to the Monster Race edition as of right now.


Refund, money will go into steam wallet. Buy another thing, steam will let you pay (total - wallet) because it will take from wallet first, similiar to upgrade.

It’s what pretty much everyone did.

Go to settings and “account details” top right. Then there should be a transaction list somewhere with a refund link on the right of your evolve preorder.

edit: The transaction list is named “STORE TRANSACTIONS”.


My copy was gifted by a friend the morning I was going to grab it myself, so we may need to contact steam to sort this out (We both want it, so he’s easy, mine… may take a few questions)