Steam topseller list: Evolve is rank 179, gg


I’m really shocked

I checked todays position of Evolve in steam’s topseller list: it was # 179 (next to games like Tropico5 …)

this means that PC sells are completely down now, near nowhere

this means that no new players are coming and the (already small) community will shrink and shrink and shrink

the T4 release only had a marginal and temporal positive effect on the playerbase, and its over

this game needs a massive PRICE DROP on steam …or PC “evolving” is history in a few months

or make the game free2play on PC, whatever, I just want a future for this game on my plattform

if 2K/TR are only focused on new content and balancing without thinking about their price policy and/or business model, than there will be no playerbase left on PC soon

every day without a (neccessary) price drop or without implementing free2play (PC only) is toxic for Evolve’s future on PC


I think turtle rock is focusing on console now specifically XBOX one


No, that’s 2K, not TRS.


So, you’re saying that of all the zillions and zillions of titles on steam, Evolve is rank 179 in the bestseller list, even now?

That actually sounds like a great thing.



it’s rank 179 of todays steam sellers. falling week for week, faster than comparable titles did

thats not good, Sir, its terrible


They certainly need to drop the price in steam australia,its like the most expensive game steam has.
$80 us for game = $102 aud
$134 us for Monster race edition =$171 aud
none of my friends can afford to spend that much money on a game,no matter how good it is


What a trainwreck.


So, how long do you predict the game will last,

If, as you claim, it’s dying that fast?

I’d like to keep a record, for chuckles sake,

So a month after it passes, a reminder I’ll make.


Maybe it’s cuz everyone has already bought it


A thing that no one seems to understand,

That their actions aren’t significant, in the scheme so grand.

If you say “I won’t buy” That’s not a sign the game’s done.

That’s all of the sales - Just minus one.


There are 493 million titles on steam that have been purchased. Evolve’s popularity places it in the top 200.

That’s: #179 of 490,000,000

Or, if you count Steam games that haven’t been downloaded, it’s: #179 of 781,000,000

Have a little perspective, and you’ll see, it’s not all that bad. Lots of people would love to be #179 of 490,000,000 in anything.


Free2pay here we com.

F2P should have only tier 1 monster and hunters payable,
If they want tier 2 and 3 they are going to need to pay to win to unlock them.
Say 20-25 USD for each tier. 25 makes the best pricing for me as there are 5 characters in each tier.


I hate F2P games with all my soul…

But Evolve should have been a F2P since minute one, and if they chage that right now we may see some future in our be loved game.

I undertand it is a game need some time to start enjoying, and lot of people may start and drop the game in less than a week, but the ones that remain would provide a much more optimistic future.



We either go F2P or we die.

It’s TRS’s choice. Don’t shift this on 2K alone.


In my opinion this game should not go free to play. I`ve posted the reason here


Console player base is still large and its easy to get into a games any time of the day plus most people are happy with the game and don’t whine endlessly so I think TRS and 2k should just pull the pc version and wash their hands of it :+1:


TRS has no choice about the marketting of the game.

They love their game, their community, and they work on Evolve.
That’s basically all. (best part in fact)

2K manages everything else… Prices, com, etc.


I encourage all the people who claim the game’s dead,

To go to Schmogmog’s post, and post in that thread,

Let me record your predictions, with all possible clarity,

So I can remind you later you were wrong, for all it’s hilarity.


This isn’t down to TRS, this is 2K.

I’m not a marketing expert (audible gasps) but I’d recommend a free week on steam to boost numbers and see what sticks. As for consoles I don’t know what the numbers are but if they dropped there are methods to revive them. Panicking and doing something drastic is not a good move.

Evolve remains alive, I predict a future resurgence at some point this year once a few more updates are released. Not record breaking levels but higher than present. Nowadays people just move on too quickly from anything that:

A. Requires good teamwork.
B. Has a steep learning curve.
C. Isn’t GTA or CoD.


So the 60k plus people that bought the game on steam lose everything? That’s a good way to destroy TRS and 2ks rep