Steam summer sale question + evolve


Question: What is your favourite game that you have bought on the summer sale in the past?

I wonder if evolve will be even cheaper with steam summer sale coming up?

It would be nice to see people who are worried about price being able to join with the title update coming soon™️

Hope everyone has a great weekend before all of our money is stolen by Gabe!


Who is this Gabe and why does he steal your money?

I shall find this thief and remove his hands as a public display of his guilt and punishment. Thievery will not be tolerated in this kingdom.

For real though. I hardly ever touch Steam. Don’t understand the appeal to be honest.


Grapple, and I’m not even joking. It was 99 cents when I got it and is probably the only steam sale impulse buy that I’ve ever made and not regretted even a little bit.