[Steam Streaming] No FPS drop during Beta?


Hi everyone,

Steam recently released a new streaming system, which lets your friends (or everybody) watch you play a game.
Has anybody tried this feature during Beta?

I tested it a few months ago (not with Evolve) and it was really killing my FPS with some games, while being OK with others.
Did it work well for you with Evolve?

Thanks for your answers and have a great day :slight_smile:


I didn’t have much time to use it actually, I didn’t even think about using it but I guess there is something related to your processor and something it can do with the Intel HD Graphics, which can release some charge on the CPU itself, I don’t remember what the precise term is.

Maybe Evolve wasn’t tweaked to get encoded then decoded by Intel HD Graphics at the time, and your graphics card was taking the workload while playing, resulting in awful performance, that seems to be the main problem.

I’ll try that out when the game comes out, though I only have a i5 4690k so maybe it won’t work well without HyperThreading, I dunno


I don’t know about using it, but I was watching someone play Evolve during the tournament when they didn’t want to stream. Seemed just fine tbh.


Yep I tried it out during the tourney, which is why I wasn’t streaming it on twitch till requested. Seemed to work perfectly with evolve on my end.

From what I heard from Cow and others the quality was decent and there was minimal delay as opposed to twitch, which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you’re doing ;]


I tried it out briefly during the beta. I had about three people watching me, but I asked them to stop after awhile because it seemed to be effecting the game’s performance. My CPU is a bit dated and I run the game on max settings by the skin of my teeth so that very well could have had something to do with it.